Is the Swamp being drained in Gainesville?

Report also states it was an unidentified UF football player who implicated the two Gators suspended Wednesday.

via Report: More suspensions of Florida Gator players could be in the offing — CollegeFootballTalk


Mayweather vs McGregor Analysis

Conor McGregor boxed surprisingly well early in his bout with arguably the greatest boxer of this generation, Floyd Mayweather. After landing some shots in the first three rounds, McGregor’s punches seemed to lose their steam, and Mayweather went on the pursuit. Despite what the official scorecards show, I do think McGregor definitively won the first three rounds, and he had his shots in founds four and five. In the end, McGregor’s limited boxing arsenal did him in. He could not stop his rabbit punches and punches from behind Mayweather. Granted, Mayweather did repeatedly present his back, and even bent over at times in order to defend himself from attacks, but McGregor could not stop himself from illegal attacks in these positions. More importantly, McGregor’s lack of familiarity with basic strikes such as the uppercut or boxing style left-cross punches severely impeded his ability to exploit Mayweather’s weaknesses. Despite McGregor’s weaknesses, he did land more punches in 10 rounds than Manny Pacquiao in 12 rounds–and he did this in his first boxing match.

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Cybersecurity 101: A Case Study of Clinton’s E-Mail


Originally I wrote this blog post in the summer of 2016 after reading this article from Nearly a year later I am surprised to see that we still do not have closure on the issue of Hillary Clinton’s e-mail servers. In 2016 I did not want to draw negative attention to me for being one of the obviously right-wing nut-jobs who would do anything to prevent a female from being President. Two years later, it is still not safe for people to support Donald Trump, criticize Hillary Clinton, or speak out against Barack Obama. Despite the negative attention I may draw, here is a modified version of the blog post that I have kept in draft status here on WordPress since May 2016, with edits extending to August 2016 and today’s edit in August 2017.

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Lessons Learned from the TV Series “Silicon Valley”

Mike Judge’s Silicon Valley is my favorite binge TV show at the moment. I identify well with the cast, and I find the show entertaining on multiple levels (including references to DCMs and DCT filters).

\alpha=cos a=\frac{v \hat{x}}{\|v\|}

\beta=cos b=\frac{v \hat{y}}{\|v\|}

\gamma=cos a=\frac{v \hat{z}}{\|v\|}

I wish I would have watched this show before I left the military, because of the lessons I learned about the commercial sector:

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Movie Review: War Machine


War Machine looks like a movie about a bunch generals sitting in a room planning a war, written by a bunch of generals sitting in a room writing a book about a bunch of generals sitting in a room planning a war. That is to say, this movie has a wildly inconsistent tone and confusing message–just like the Afghanistan counterinsurgency war portrayed in the film. Brad Pitt’s portrayal of General Stanley McChrystal, I mean, Glenn McMahon, is brilliant. Actually, I found all of the actors portrayals of their respective roles to be amazingly accurate and entertaining. 4/5 stars.