Florida Gator Coaching Salaries

Now that the head coach of the Florida Gators has been fired, it is reasonable to expect that some or all of the coaches on the current staff are going to be looking for new jobs in the next couple months. Here is one last look at how much these gentlemen were paid.

Coach Base Salary Notes
Randy Shannon $890,000 2017 – 2019 Retention bonus of $75k in March 2018, $100k in March 2019. Made $490k per year in 2015 and 2016 as linebacker coach.
Doug Nussmeier $540,000 2017 – 2019 Made $515k in 2015-2016
Corey Bell $290,000 2017

$315,000 2018

Made $90k at FAU
Jajuan Seider $335,000 2017

$345,000 2018

Made $340k at WVU in 2016.
Brad Davis $290,000 2017

$315,000 2018

Made $150k at North Texas
Chris Rumph $490,000 2016 – 2018
Mike Summers $538,000 2016 – 2018
Greg Nord $401,000 2016 – 2018
Tim Skipper $376,500 2016 – 2018
Torrian Gray $335,500 2016 – 2018
Kerry Dixon $286,500 2016 – 2018

Based on the output of the game against Missouri, it appears these coaches are not talented enough to warrant these kind of salaries. They did not seem interested in auditioning for their next jobs. Some of these coaches could stay based on their ability to recruit the Sunshine State, but that is about it.


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