Mayweather vs McGregor Analysis

Conor McGregor boxed surprisingly well early in his bout with arguably the greatest boxer of this generation, Floyd Mayweather. After landing some shots in the first three rounds, McGregor’s punches seemed to lose their steam, and Mayweather went on the pursuit. Despite what the official scorecards show, I do think McGregor definitively won the first three rounds, and he had his shots in founds four and five. In the end, McGregor’s limited boxing arsenal did him in. He could not stop his rabbit punches and punches from behind Mayweather. Granted, Mayweather did repeatedly present his back, and even bent over at times in order to defend himself from attacks, but McGregor could not stop himself from illegal attacks in these positions. More importantly, McGregor’s lack of familiarity with basic strikes such as the uppercut or boxing style left-cross punches severely impeded his ability to exploit Mayweather’s weaknesses. Despite McGregor’s weaknesses, he did land more punches in 10 rounds than Manny Pacquiao in 12 rounds–and he did this in his first boxing match.



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