Restrained Strategy, Lower Military Budgets

Trump's budget proposal

The real danger is the idea that our national security strategy requires constant global patrolling, alliances, interventions, and annual costs of nearly $600 billion. A strategy of restraint coupled with budgeting, acquisition, logistics, and personnel reform would reduce our military budget, save us a fortune, and keep us out of needless conflicts.

President Trump’s latest budget proposal includes a 10% increase to the Defense budget, which primarily consists of a restoration of the funding that had been reduced due to sequestration since 2011. However, the inflated Defense budget could be trimmed down a bit more by cutting out some of the unnecessary bureaucracy and middle management as we phase out of world policing. Perhaps the Secretary of Defense, James Mattis, will usher in a new era where the United States transforms from the world police to the world referee, and does so with a leaner, meaner fighting force operating at a lower budget.


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