17 ways politics could change in 2017 – CNNPolitics.com

  1. Hope and change: Will the presidency change Trump or will Trump change the presidency? Can an outsider change the Oval Office without becoming an insider? Where within the spectrum will Mr. Trump’s politics reside?

  1. Trump’s Russian reset: Is the enemy of my friend my enemy? Does America want to redefine the terms “friend” and “enemy”?
  2. Rewriting the Affordable Care Act: This is not about Mr. Obama’s legacy–this is about providing the best service to the American taxpayer. Should taxes be socialized for healthcare?
  3. The Trumpification of national security: Which world dictators and terrorists will Mr. Trump fire?
  4. Climate change: How serious should we integrate the environment into politics? If we are serious, how should we handle the environment differently? Hint: what does the government do with the EPA fines?
  5. Building infrastructure: Mr. Trump needs to build figurative bridges inside the Beltway, but what is the plan for the rest of the nation literally for bridges, highways, and housing?
  6. The Trump Wall: Is this a literal wall or a figurative one? Who will pay for it?
  7. Pulling the Persian rug from the Iran Deal: Since the deal was an executive one and not a Congress-approved treaty, the new Chief Executive can veto, withdraw, or rewrite the deal. I would argue for a new deal.
  8. Building bridges with the Democrats: Ding dong the witch is dead, but how will the quasi Republican handle the remaining Democrats?
  9. Building bridges with the Republicans: Out with the old and in with the new, I say.
  10. The Paper Tiger versus the Golden Dragon: China seems unstoppable on the economic and military front.
  11. The (New) Economy: The Left can cherry pick all the statistics they want to claim Obama fixed the economy, but sometime soon somebody needs to actually fix the economy with cash, not statistics.
  12. NATO and the new era: How does Mr. Trump win support from disenfranchised Europeans who resemble American leftists?
  13. Conflicts of interest: It has been a while since America had a billionaire in office. How will he run this country without conflicts with his personal moneymakers?
  14. Let’s Make A Deal: Mr. Trump sees himself as a dealmaker. How will he do in this Global gameshow?
  15. War with the media: Who will win the war, crappy media or a renewed focus on the truth?
  16. The popular voters versus the educated voters. If I were king, I would repeal the popular vote, not the Electoral College.



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