My Rogue Review of Star Wars Episode 3.5

I really wanted to like this movie, but I think I liked it more for what it could have been rather than what it was. I try to imagine how the different generations of fans will perceive this movie. How different is this movie perceived amongst those of us who started with the original trilogy versus the prequel trilogy versus the ones in between? I would imagine the ones who started in between will feel at home with this movie. Those of us who started with the original trilogy will be the most critical. Those of us who started with the prequel trilogy–bless their hearts–might think this is an amazing movie. Putting this movie in a vacuum as a standalone and ignoring its prequels and sequels, it was not very well done at all. The most compelling character was K2SO, a robot that endeared us with his human-like qualities. Jynn Urso was okay. I expected more out of Felicity Jones as an actress. The best acting was the CGI on Tarkin’s face! The best plot development was the struggle to operate a very futuristic weapon with a 1980s interface. I almost wanted to see a guest appearance from Jar Jar Binks just to liven things up a bit. Despite all the criticism, I enjoyed sharing the Star Wars experience with my family, although it did feel a bit (pun warning in 3, 2, 1…) forced.

If I could fast forward to all the Darth Vader moments, this movie would get a 5/5. Since we have to suffer through an inferior Star Wars plot, I give this one a 3/5.


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