Playboy Interview: Former NSA Boss Michael Hayden on Hillary’s Emails, Hacking and Russia | Playboy

Retired general and former director of the National Security Agency and Central Intelligence Agency, Michael Hayden, gives his opinions on Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Note: Hayden is a registered Independent.

His response to Trump’s accusations that Clinton should be disqualified from the presidency for her mishandling of classified information:

…many of the things Trump says appear to be intentional and directed. What Clinton did may reflect incompetence and carelessness, but she’s not Edward Snowden.

His response when asked how the Clintons have been able to survive so many scandals:

They’ve shown real talent. They’re a very able couple in politics and policy. As senator, Hillary Clinton got good marks from both sides of the aisle for being hardworking and knowledgeable… it was clear to me Secretary Clinton was the smartest and most well-informed of the bunch.

His thoughts on Clinton’s personal server and why he would never vote for her either:

It’s bad on the preservation of federal records, bad on mingling things you want to keep private as opposed to the secret stuff, and bad with things that shouldn’t be in there bleeding into an unclassified e-mail account. When she used her own e-mail and server, she became responsible for the protection of the data. So there’s a big question of her competence. She knew she was going to run for president, so who would even get close to the kinds of arrangements she had, even if they technically stayed on the right side of the law? And I will tell you, every subsequent explanation she gave was incoherent.

His response on why we are not fighting a war against radical Islam:

Because that’s a bridge too far. This is indeed about Islam—but it’s not about all of Islam, and it’s certainly not about all Muslims. There are multiple civil wars in Islam—a Sunni-Sunni war between the monarchies and ISIS and Al Qaeda; a Sunni-Shia war led by Saudi Arabia and Iran; and then Islam, as one of the world’s great monotheisms, trying to make its peace with what you and I call modernity.

Hayden does not believe Russia is a natural ally in the war against ISIS. He does not believe Iraq or Syria will exist ever again as we knew them before.


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