161 Electoral Votes a Real Possibility for Gary Johnson

Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson is a longshot to win 270 Electoral College votes outright, but there is a possibility of winning 160 votes and forcing Congressional intervention if none of the candidates win 270 votes outright.


As the election season progresses, I will be updating our analysis and predictions for the November election. About 3 weeks ago I ran a story that suggested that Gary Johnson has a real shot at 99 electoral votes.  I am now prepared to re-assess and change that prediction to 161 electoral votes.


So the big question is how did I come to this conclusion, and what data did I use to make this type of predictions?

First off, I know it is a long shot for a Libertarian candidate to play this well in a general election, and in all reality, Gary Johnson might not get a single electoral vote.  But here I am, sitting and watching CNN, and Donald Trump is now the Republican nominee for President so anything is possible!

So let me break this down for you.

I have consistently said that Gary Johnson would play well out in the…

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