If You Look at This Chart of Top 10 Nations in the World for Mass Shootings – One Thing Jumps Out


The top countries for mass shootings all have restrictive gun laws, except the United States. Unless you believe everything you hear on the news, gun laws alone will not reduce the incidence of mass shootings in America. The solution must be multi-phased:

  1. Culture of safe and free exercise of Second Amendment rights: Establish a culture that embraces safe exercise of the Second Amendment. Teach students about guns in school. Make gun training a highly accessible, affordable commodity.
  2. Careful screening of mental/emotional health: Increase measures to screen out citizens who are mentally or emotionally unfit to care a gun. Tie in mental/emotional health treatment to the wonderful Affordable Care Act that we are all paying for.
  3. Raise our children to be selective on news sources: Reduce young children’s exposure to violence on TV and the Internet, and use the events that older kids see as teaching moments. Encourage open dialog with children at an age appropriate as deemed by parents.
  4. Promote and establish sensible gun laws: Somewhere between the extremes is the right solution. Rather than mentioning a complete ban on guns or a complete authority to use bazookas on the street, come to a compromise somewhere in the middle that meets the intent of the Second Amendment. Furthermore, safe zones and safe communities are not safe without guns, so get rid of that nonsense.
  5. Develop comprehensive solutions: Police alone cannot reduce mass shootings in America, for the problem is not just one of breaking laws. This is also a mental health issue, an education issue, and a societal issue. At the highest levels, the Department of Justice, Mental Health Administration, and Department of Education should be teaming together to find solutions, and the state level equivalents should be doing the same.



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