Study: EVs Powered by Coal Are More Polluting Than Gasoline Cars


Are electric cars as green as scientists report? The answer depends on which scientist you believe and which assumptions you but into. Obviously from the consumer point of view an electric car is green– the consumer can go to bed each night knowing he or she has reduced the carbon footprint to the extent that the consumer has control. In that sense, electric cars live up to the hype. The problem is that the consumer had very little understanding of how the American power grid is architected. No matter how the consumer charges his or her electric vehicle, he or she is invariably using some amount of fossil fuel to charge that electric vehicle. It is not the consumer’s fault that the grid is antiquated, so the consumer should still rest easy knowing he or she is doing the right thing. It is now up to the power engineers of the world to start generating electricity by other means.

Check out the opposing viewpoints below and make your own opinion.

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