Cubicle Warrior’s Movie Review: The Martian

Full disclosure: as a science nerd, my favorite movies of the past couple years include “Gravity” and “Interstellar”. ” The Martian” is a science geek’s wet dream hybridization of those two movies, but with a better, albeit imperfect, adherence to science fact over science fiction. I went into this movie untainted by preconceived notions from the book by Andy Weir, because I did not read the books.

Astronaut/ botanist/ engineer Mark Watney discovers that with a NASA mission to Mars, anything that can go wrong will go wrong, and he will need to science the **** out of the many problems he faces. Other than the massive wind storm he faces early in the movie, the science portrayed here is mostly accurate. Through his expository video logs, he explains the technical details to the audience while interlacing humor in order to keep geeks and normal humans engaged simultaneously. Not only is the science accurate, but also the NASA politics, international military-science politics, and human connection. If you liked “Interstellar”, you will love ” The Martian”, but there is plenty in this movie for non-geeks as well. 5/5 stars.


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