ISIS Use of Social Media – It is the Content – It is the Intent

Daesh are using social media for recruiting. I miss the days when Bejeweled Blitz was the most dangerous thing on social media.

The Cyber Shafarat - Treadstone 71

The ISIS use of Social Media is not a new phenomenon but a standard practice by Jihadists to control the cyber airwaves with information that supporting their cause and debunking anything contrary.

ISIS Establishing the Caliphate ISIS Establishing the Caliphate

They use symbolic imagery to demonstrate their military prowess, execution of Apostates, and their overall strength. They use social media to target non-believers, even and most recently within Islam as they purge Shi’ite rule in areas of Syria and Iraq. They demonstrate control through speeches, news, twitter feeds, images that portray religious symbolism. Searching on ISIS only produced 36,000,000 hits false positives notwithstanding.

ISIS Vision ISIS Vision

What is telling about their use is the messaging itself. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is being portrayed as a modern day Salahuddin working to spread Islam to the gates of Jerusalem while fighting the Crusaders. Al-Baghdadi’s followers claim he is working to establish the Twelfth Caliphate and the on the…

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