2014 Cyber Attacks Statistics (Aggregated)


As I did exactly one year ago, I have consolidated all the stats collected during 2014 with the intention to provide an high level overview of the past year. Of course this data does not pretend be exhaustive, I’d rather prefer to define the charts as macro-indicators of the threat landscape and the corresponding trends, since the sources of the timelines (from which the stats are derived) are open and therefore only show cyber attacks that were discovered and gained space in the news.

It is interesting to compare the trend of 2014 with the two previous years. It appears to be more stable, even if the overall level has been lower. The reason of this? Maybe the decreased impact of hacktivism and the major attention of the media towards the massive breaches that characterized the past year.

Monthly Trend

On the other hand, if one considers the drill down of…

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