It’s great to be a Florida Gator; it sucks to be an FSU Nole

It’s great to be a Florida Gator! Bad FSU Noles fail to comprehend that statement uttered by University of Florida alumni. Good Noles — presumably the ones that actually earned diplomas — understand that the statement applies to the Florida lifestyle and not just wins and losses by the football team. Some describe FSU as a football team with a university, whereas Florida is a university with a football team. Gator pride transcends football. It transcends sports. Since it is pointless to argue with a narrow minded sports nut, I have collected ammunition for all two of my blog followers to use when bad Noles argue over sports.

When combining head to head records of all 12 common sports, the Gators simply wipe the floor with the Seminoles to the tune of a 493-288-4 record. FSU only owns the advantage in baseball.

So the next time Seminoles try to talk trash, just remind them that numbers never lie. Granted, FSU does hold sports advantages over Florida, just not in head to head comparison.

Football 34-22-2
Men’s basketball 43-22
Women’s basketball 41-29
Baseball 104-125-1
Softball 19-14
Men’s tennis 55-20
Women’s tennis 54-1
Soccer 12-10
Volleyball 36-19
Gymnastics 2-0*
Men’s swimming 53-23-1
Women’s swimming 40-3
Combined record 493-288-4 (.631)

*FSU and Florida are tied with 3 claimed national titles each in football.

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