SEC Bowl Games 2014-5 | End of SEC dominance?

Predicting SEC bowl games is as unpredictable as an episode of the Simpsons!

Back in November when bowl selections were made, it looked as if the SEC would continue dominating the bowl season with several matchups that appeared favorable at the time. Let us grade out how these predictions panned out. First, let us look at CBS Sports predictions as of 1 November, since they cover many SEC games and would theoretically have good insight into SEC team performance a month before bowl selection.

Edit: As of New Year’s Day 2015, it appears that the era of SEC dominance has ended. It was a matter of time before the SEC reached this level of parity. On a bright note, the weaker SEC bEast is 5-0 this bowl season! #SEC!

Championship Bowl Jan. 12 Arlington, Texas Semifinal winners
Ohio State vs Oregon
I will jump in on 29 December and predict Alabama versus Florida State. On November 1st, most pundits were predicting a Mississippi school from the SEC versus Michigan State, Florida State, or Ohio State. Edit: As of January 1st, this game will be Ohio State vs Oregon.

I was wrong last time, but I am confident that the Nike-sponsored Oregon will win.

Sugar Bowl Jan. 1 New Orleans, La. Semifinal Florida State vs. Michigan State

(1) Alabama 35 – (4) Ohio State 42

Florida State kept winning games, but not convincingly enough to warrant a #1 seed. To the Rose Bowl goes Forced Sex University! Roll Tide! Maybe Urban Meyer can remember how to beat Nick Saban…using his #3 quarterback?

Rose Bowl Jan. 1 Pasadena, Calif. Semifinal Ole Miss vs. Alabama

(3) Oregon 59 – (2) Florida State 20.Yes! As a Florida Gator, it does feel good to see Forced Sex University lose a game like this. More importantly, this game was good for college football. In a matchup between Heisman winners, the more humble, student athlete won the game and the hearts of true college football fans.

Cotton Bowl Jan. 1 Arlington, Tex. At-Large vs. At-Large TCU vs. UCLA

(8) Michigan State 42 – (5) Baylor 41
This was an exciting game. For the first time in a long time, I was excited for a B1G team.

Orange Bowl Dec. 31 Miami, Fla. ACC vs SEC/Big Ten/Notre Dame Clemson vs. Miss. State

(7) Mississippi St. 34 – (12) Georgia Tech 49

CBS got it half correct last month, but the bowl selection committee got this 100% correct. Who knew that Georgia Tech would rack up 120 yards in the air, and contain a QB once considered a Heisman candidate?

Fiesta Bowl Dec. 31 Glendale, Ariz. At-Large vs At-Large Oregon vs. Nebraska

(20) Boise State 38 – (10) Arizona 30.BSU once again proved that they belong in elite bowl games. This was an exciting game!

Peach Bowl Dec. 31 Atlanta, Ga. At-Large vs. At-Large Georgia vs. East Carolina

(9) Ole Miss 3 – (6) TCU 42.

Why anyone in their right mind would pick Georgia this high in the pecking order, I do not know. TCU or East Carolina would have both been safe bets for an exciting Peach Bowl, but a last-minute ECU loss to UCF knocked them out of this bowl game.

TCU definitely made a statement in dismantling a team that was #1 for a few weeks after taking down powerhouse Alabama, and showing that there *might* be a reason to expand the College Football Playoffs.

BOWL DATE LOCATION MATCHUP PREDICTION Bowl Jan. 4 Mobile, Ala. MAC vs. Sun Belt N. Illinois vs. UL Lafayette

Toledo vs. Arkansas State

Birmingham Bowl Jan. 3 Birmingham, Ala. American vs. SEC Bowling Green* vs. Texas State*

East Carolina 20 vs. Florida 28

I never would have guessed this one either. Who knew that Florida could figure out how to beat Georgia, but lose to South Carolina and get pitted against the explosive East Carolina offense…during a coaching change? Florida might give the SEC its only loss to a non-Power 5 team this bowl season.

Edit: somehow my Gators pulled a win out of their collective asses. D.J. Durkin will go down as the only undefeated Gator coach in history!

Cactus Bowl Jan. 2 Tempe, Ariz. Big 12 vs. Pac-12 Okla. State vs. Washington

Washington 22 vs. Oklahoma State 30

Ding! Ding! Ding! One accurate prediction out of many! Somehow Chris Peterson forgot to prepare his team for this bowl game. I am glad Florida never tried to pull him away from BSU.

Alamo Bowl Jan. 2 San Antonio, Tex. Big 12 vs. Pac-12 Oklahoma vs. Arizona

(11) Kansas State 35 vs. (14) UCLA 40. Meh. Nice game.

TaxSlayer Bowl Jan. 2 Jacksonville, Fla. ACC/Big Ten vs. SEC Maryland vs. LSU

Iowa 28 vs. Tennessee 45

Nope. Not even close on the bowl predictions. Tennessee whooped up on Iowa and reminded the world that the Vols are on the rise.

Armed Forces Bowl Jan. 2 Fort Worth, Tex. American vs. Army Houston vs. Air Force*

Houston 35 vs. Pittsburgh 34. What a great comeback by Houston to score a bazillion points in the last 2.2 femtoseconds of the game with two brilliant onside kick recoveries and two quick TD strikes!

Outback Bowl Jan. 1 Tampa, Fla. Big Ten vs. SEC Wisconsin vs. Texas A&M

(19) Auburn 31 vs. (18) Wisconsin 34

CBS got it half correct, thanks to Texas A&M losing more games than expected.

Auburn helped the mighty SEC West earn that trophy for most overrated division. Auburn will fix their defensive woes next year with the hiring of former Gator head coach Will Muschamp as their defensive coordinator in 2015.

Capital One Bowl Jan. 1 Orlando, Fla. ACC/Big Ten vs. SEC Ohio State vs. Auburn

(25) Minnesota 17 vs. (16) Missouri 33

Nope. CBS even the name of the bowl game incorrect! The new CFP format has forced many of the bowl games to change sponsorship strategies.

Missouri keeps the SEC East undefeated!

San Francisco Bowl Dec. 30 Santa Clara, Calif. Big Ten vs. Pac-12 Minnesota vs. Arizona State

Maryland 21 vs. Stanford 45. It looks like the Pac-12 is here to prove a point.

Belk Bowl Dec. 30 Charlotte, N.C. ACC vs. SEC Notre Dame vs. South Carolina

(13) Georgia 37 vs. (21) Louisville 14

Nope. Not even close. Your punishment is having to watch Georgia in a football game. Sucks to be you. My punishment is having to listen to Danny Kanell brag about the ACC beating SEC on rivalry weekend last month. Sucks to be me. At least the SEC East stayed undefeated this bowl season.

Music City Bowl Dec. 30 Nashville, Tenn. ACC/Big Ten vs. SEC Virginia Tech vs. Missouri

Notre Dame 31 vs. (23) LSU 28

Who really wants to go to the Music City Bowl any way? Apparently not the LSU Tigers. Suck it, SEC West!

Texas Bowl Dec. 29 Houston, Tex. Big 12 vs. SEC Kansas State vs. Oregon State*

Arkansas 31 vs. Texas 7

Yay…a Monday bowl game. CBS did not even insert an SEC team here, because they bought into the hype of more SEC teams missing out on bowl eligibility.

Russell Athletic Bowl Dec. 29 Orlando, Fla. ACC vs. Big 12 Duke vs. Baylor

(17) Clemson 40 vs. Oklahoma 6

Duke and Baylor both looked good back on 1 November and were good picks for this bowl game. Both teams sputtered towards the end and now we get to watch Big Game Bob vs Dabo Swinney. Big Game Bob apparently forgot that there was a game today, or he was too concerned with visiting family in Florida over the holidays.

Liberty Bowl Dec. 29 Memphis, Tenn. Big 12 vs. SEC West Virginia vs. Tennessee

Texas A&M 45 vs. West Virginia 37.

CBS got it half correct. This one was a shootout between two similar offenses. Apparently neither team brought a defense.

Holiday Bowl Dec. 27 San Diego, Calif. Big Ten vs. Pac-12 Penn State vs. USC

(24) USC 45, Nebraska 42

Good guess, CBS! USC and PSU both brought offense to the Holiday Bowl, but they both left their defenses back home. What a shootout! Too bad I do not care for non-SEC games.

Pinstripe Bowl Dec. 27 New York, N.Y. ACC vs. Big Ten Georgia Tech vs. Rutgers

Penn State 31, Boston College 30 (OT)

Not even close, CBS. I only watched this game to see if another former Florida Gator would be able to win a game. Tyler Murphy did well, but his kicker shanked an extra point and helped PSU win in overtime.

Independence Bowl Dec. 27 Shreveport, La. SEC vs. ACC North Texas* vs. North Carolina

South Carolina 24, Miami, FL 21

Wrong Carolina, wrong opponent, decent game. I love watching Spurrier beat a Miami team.

Sun Bowl Dec. 27 El Paso, Tex. ACC vs. Pac-12 Louisville vs. Stanford

(15) Arizona State 36, Duke 31

Military Bowl Dec. 27 Annapolis, Md. ACC vs. American Miami (FL) vs. Memphis

Virginia Tech 33, Cincinnati 17

Bitcoin Bowl Dec. 26 St. Petersburg, Fla. ACC vs. American N.C. State vs. UCF

NC State 34, UCF 27

Good guess, CBS! Former Gator QB Jacoby Brissett looked sharp in this win, except maybe later in the game.

Quick Lane Bowl Dec. 26 Detroit, Mich. ACC vs. Big Ten Boston College vs. Ohio*

Rutgers 40, North Carolina 21

Heart of Dallas Bowl Dec. 26 Dallas, Tex. Big Ten/Big 12 vs. C-USA Iowa vs. Marshall

Louisiana Tech 35, Illinois 18

Hawaii Bowl Dec. 24 Honolulu, Hawaii Mountain West vs. C-USA Nevada vs. UAB

Rice 30, Fresno State 6

Bahamas Bowl Dec. 24 Nassau, Bahamas C-USA vs. MAC Middle Tenn. vs. W. Michigan

WKU 49, Central Michigan 48

Poinsettia Bowl Dec. 23 San Diego, Calif. Mountain West vs. Navy Colorado State vs. Navy

Navy 17, San Diego State 16

Boca Raton Bowl Dec. 23 Boca Raton, Fla. C-USA vs. MAC Louisiana Tech vs. C. Michigan
Miami Beach Bowl Dec. 22 Miami, Fla. American vs. BYU Cincinnati vs. BYU
Camellia Bowl Dec. 20 Montgomery, Ala. MAC vs. Sun Belt Toledo vs. South Alabama
Idaho Potato Bowl Dec. 20 Boise, Idaho MAC vs. Mountain West Akron vs. Fresno State
Royal Purple Bowl Dec. 20 Las Vegas, Nev. Mountain West vs. Pac-12 Boise State vs. Utah
New Mexico Bowl Dec. 20 Albuquerque, N.M. Mountain West vs. C-USA Utah State vs. Rice
New Orleans Bowl Dec. 20 New Orleans, La. Sun Belt vs. Mountain West Ark. State vs. San Diego State

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