Russia: a phantom in cyberspace

No surprises here: Russia is quietly grabbing all the information it can on European and American technology, politics, and persons of interest that threaten Russian interests. Unlike China, who is exploiting the metaphysical realm of cyberspace for financial gain, Russia is quietly using computer networks and computer access as a means for espionage for military and political gain. According to the FireEye report, “APT28: A Window Into Russia’s Cyber Espionage Operations?”, Russia is primarily interested in protecting its geopolitical interests in Georgia and eastern Europe. U.S. defense contractors that deal in international contracts are also vulnerable to Russian cyber espionage, but I would not blame them. The U.S. would do the same, right?

The key thing to look out for is a spearphishing e-mail that is often used as an entry point for follow-on cyber attacks against targets of interest (e.g. people who are deemed a threat to Russian geopolitical interests).


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