SNL Skit Updating ‘Schoolhouse Rock’ Is Hilarious, Totally Wrong | ThinkProgress

I have to admit, the SNL skit updating the “Schoolhouse Rock” piece on how a bill becomes law was absolutely hilarious, as well as nostalgic. Although it does hint at some American voters’ misgivings about Congress, it should be accepted for what it is–political satire, not fact. I know, most of you readers are smart enough to understand that subtle difference. Unfortunately, most knuckleheads that use Facebook as the gospel actually think this skit is serious, at least that is what the FB users in my feed or my friends’ feeds seem to think.

Some key issues to point out:

  • The bill was a bipartisan Senate measure that passed in 2013 and was just now making it to the President’s desk after sitting in the House for almost 18 months.
  • As much as I disagree with the President on most issues, he was willing to sign just about anything just to enact some change, but the House spoiled that possibility by being too conservative. (That says a lot coming from me, considering how conservative I appear on this blog).
  • President Obama’s executive order action to push this bill is not unprecedented–both Reagan and Bush used executive order to push bills forward in their time in office.
  • The key discussion is what do the people want with regards to immigration reform? I am not sure that America knows, and if it did know, I doubt the Senate, House, and the President would be able to please everyone.

Personally, I am okay with any immigration reform. If this is the best that we can come up with, then we should stick with this rather than fighting for another decade to get a different version through Congress and the President.

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