Most Profitable College Football Programs: #4 Florida | Business of College Sports

Sports nuts love to brag about their teams. As a self-proclaimed fanatic on all things Florida Gators, I present the cold hard facts on why my Florida Gators are one of the top brag-worthy teams in all of college sports. The following data as of the end of the 2013 season are from Business of College Sports, plus some CBS sports references mixed in. Bottom line: the Florida Gators football team generates $76.5M of revenue and costs $25.9M to operate, for a net profit of $50.6M. Expanded bottom line: the Florida athletic department generates $15.5M of profit, or $4.2M when discounting capital contributions.

  • Total revenue: $76.5M
    • Profit ranking: #4 (behind Texas, Michigan, and Georgia)
    • Ticket sales: $21.4M
    • Guarantees from miscellaneous sources: $500.0k
    • Contributions from alumni: $34M
    • Compensation from other sources: $200.0k
    • Institutional support: $0.0
    • Government support: $0.0
    • SEC distributions: $16.9M
    • Program sales, concessions, novelty sales, parking: $1.06M
    • Royalties, licensing, advertisements: $825.6k
    • Sport camps: $172.1k
    • Bowl game: $1.5M – $2.5M
  • Total expenses: – $25.9M
    • Athletic aid: – $2.5M
    • Guarantees to visiting teams: – $2.7M
    • Head coach salary and bonuses: – $3.1M
    • Coaching staff salaries and bonuses: – $3.9M
    • Support staff salaries and bonuses: – $1.5M
    • Severance payments: – $150.0k
    • Recruiting budget: – $687.2k
    • Team travel: – $3.5M
    • Equipment, uniforms, supplies: – $602.9k
    • Game expenses: – $4.0M
    • Fundraising, marketing, and promotion: – $224.0k
    • Sport camps: – $171.2k
    • Facilities and maintenance: – $928.6k
    • Spirit groups (band, cheerleaders): – $847.0k
    • Medical expenses and insurance: – $279.0k
    • Other: – $838.6k
  • Net football profit: $50.6M
  • Net profit from other sports: – $46.7M
  • Athletic department other expenses: – $47M
    • Facilities rent, utilities, maintenance: – $16M
  • Athletic department contributions to academics: – $7.6M
  • Florida television and radio income: $16M
  • Other royalties and licensing revenue: $15.5M
  • Net athletic department profit: $15.5M
    • Capital contributions for O’Connell Center, Gateway of Champions, Carse Swim/Dive Facility, Dizney Lacrosse Stadium: $11.3M

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