Cubicle Warrior Movie Review: Interstellar

Photo by Paramount Pictures, from the movie trailer.

Imagine a world where all is in despair–crops are failing, billions are dying, but Matthew McConaughey still has perfect hair. McConaughey plays a former NASA pilot and engineer who is doing his best to grow corn on a dying planet, in what could be the last corn harvest ever on Earth. Lucky for him, “ghosts” communicate with his daughter and give him the 16-digit grid coordinates for the uber-secret NASA base located just a few miles away, thus putting him in a position to save mankind by piloting an uber-secret NASA ship into a wormhole that will explore potential new homes for mankind on the other side. McConaughey’s goal in saving mankind is to go through the wormhole and pick which of the three planets orbiting a rotating, supermassive black hole (named Gargantua) shall become the new home for humans to destroy. Of course, he picks the wrong one and everybody dies. There! Spoiler alert!

Despite the plot being full of lots of Gargantua-sized holes, I found this movie to be thoroughly enjoying. Imagine mashing “Contact” with “Inception”–both of which are movies that I thoroughly enjoyed. Interestingly enough, McConaughey was also in “Contact” in a scene similar to one in this movie, but I digress. For the science fiction fans, this movie has elements reminiscent of “The Sirens of Titan” and “2001: A Space Odyssey” in addition to “Contact” and “Inception”. Once I overlook the science plot holes, I realize that is really is an excellent movie–probably my favorite movie of the decade. The movie appeals to science nerds, as well as friends and family of science nerds. What better way for a science nerd to enjoy a movie with family than to find some middle ground between science fiction and science fact?

I rate this a 5/5, and I nominate this as a personal favorite of the decade alongside “Inception”.



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