Cubicle Warrior Movie Review: John Wick

The movie’s relentless razzle-dazzle and its anything-for-an-adrenaline-rush spirit infuse this action flick with a winking suggestion: If you can’t afford a professional screenwriter, just throw Keanu Reeves into a revenge plot with a puppy!

While it doesn’t rival the imagination or innovation of ‘The Matrix’, the movie’s ebullient shoot’em-up-revenge-plot-Russian-mafia spirit should make it a popular hit with all five of Keanu Reeve’s fans. Not to give away the plot… Oh…I just did…

3/5 stars. Be sure to go potty before the movie starts. You. Will. Not. Want. To. Leave. Your. Seat.


One thought on “Cubicle Warrior Movie Review: John Wick

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