In defense of Will Muschamp

Comparison - Will Muschamp and Dan Mullen

I am not turning on the TV today. Every dadgum channel is showing snippets of Forced Sex University and Notre Dame. Meanwhile, my team’s offense cannot locate the endzone!

I try to hold onto some optimism, but I just do not have enough booze in the refrigerator to maintain much optimism. It is not even 9:00 AM Pacific time and I need some booze just to read this [Only Gators: The Silver Lining]. The gist of that article is that article is that amidst the noise, there are still signs of hope for Will Muschamp. Right now, there are plenty of Gator fans clamoring for Dan Mullen. In 2008, there were plenty of Gator fans calling for Mullen’s head as OC–even going as far as putting up websites calling for him to be fired. How short our memories are here in Gainesville in 2014. In 2013, fans in Starksville were calling for him to be fired after they went 6-6. Fast forward to 2014, and with only 7 additional games there are fans in Starksville and Gainesville proclaiming Dan Mullen as the greatest coach of the past 30 seconds.

To the point: Will Muschamp’s numbers overall are still better than Dan Mullen’s at equivalent points in their respective careers. The outlier here for Muschamp is not the 11-2 season, but the 4-8 season. The outlier for Mullen is the 7-0 season to this point, which is statistically a sign that he has reached nirvana of college coaching or he reached an anomalous peak.

In summary: As much as I expect a crappy game today, and as much as I am fed up with the product on the field, I still hold onto a smidgen of hope that the statistics below point to a possible turnaround next year for Will Muschamp. However, if the Gators lose ugly to Mizzou today, then all bets are off.


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