Top #AskJameis (Winston) Questions

  • @NFL_Memes How do you expect to evade the nations top defenses when you couldn’t even evade Publix’s?
  • @rowlandcto To catch a crab, would you: Use a trap, Shoot with BB gun, Gang up with your boys and just take it, or I’d steal one from Publix
  • @ClayTravisBGID Maybe the Tallahassee police can hop on and finally question him.
  • #AskJameis Are you aware that a “read option” does not mean it is optional to learn how to read?
  • Which did you find harder to open, the legs of the crabs or the non-consenting women?

  • How will Common Core standards affect education in the United States?

  • Winston is being questioned more today by fans than he ever has by Tallahassee PD

  • after getting away with a high profile rape & theft, what crime will you commit to complete your triple crown?

  • Are you better at picking up chicks who are half asleep or just completely comatose?

  • Not many Heisman winners are able to repeat, but do you feel you can get away with rape again this season?#AskJameis
    4:05pm – 10 Aug 14
  • #AskJameis how will you know we’re all making fun of you if you can’t read?
  • @bsmith2371: #AskJameis Which did you find harder to open, the legs of the crabs or the non-consenting white women?
  • Shane Morris ?@IamShaneMorris 25m
    .@FSU_Football #AskJameis Do you see yourself as a pocket passer like Roethlisberger, or a mobile rapist like Roethlisberger?
  • Spartacus ?@Texans_for_Tide · 7m
    If you steal 5 lbs of crab legs one week, and 6 the next. How many girls did you sexual assault? #AskJameis
  • Brad Pittsburgh ?@brad_pittsburgh 3m
    What do you enjoy taking advantage of more, opposing secondaries or women? #AskJameis
  • #90sBabyFollowTrain ?@_ROBintheHOOD 5m
    Favorite receiver, Rashaad Greene or unconsenting white women #askjameis
  • Chris Farris ?@cfarris10 10m
    What is the most scrong crab in the animal kingdom? #AskJameis
  • Zatoichi @Jamaicanhitman

    Which group protects you better, FSU offensive line or the Tallahassee PD? #AskJameis
  • DaboSwinneyProblems @DaboSwinneyProb

    #AskJameis would you agree that Publix has a better defense than Clemson?

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