Happy “fun half of parenting day”, everyone!

There is no honor greater than being a mother to my awesome kids, but being the father is the next best thing. I know it is Father’s Day, but I think it is appropriate to point out that being a good dad would not be possible without the support of mom. Many times over our two-decade journey together, she has been both the mother and the father. I am just in the supporting role as the goofball that gets to play with the kids for the pictures.

Happy Father’s Day to my own dad, “Mr. Fix-It”, (although he usually broke more things than he fixed, I love him anyway). A very special thank you to my mom, for always hiding behind the scenes to make sure dad did not screw up too horribly while being a stern, but fair dad to me and and my little brother.

Getting on my soap box for a moment, I firmly believe that being a good parent is a team sport. For the single parents out there, you get double credit in my book. Happy “fun half of parenting day”, everyone!

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