Edward Snowden: Don’t believe the hype


There are multiple articles, mostly in praise of Edward Snowden, that incorrectly characterize his powers and importance in national security. “Almost any sysadmin will tell you that, while their jobs are important, having expanded access to their company’s information is not an indicator of their specific importance to their organization or its mission. Access is a technical necessity. It is a function of the job. An administrator may have access to their organization’s inner workings but they do not pull the strings. This is equivalent to a White House plumber claiming executive authority. You are in the building. You do not own it.”, says Blogs of War author John Little.

Edward Snowden was nothing more than a systems administrator that abused his technical authorities for personal gain. Call him a hero or call him a traitor. He calls himself a powerful person that shaped policy, which is false. He shaped computer policies, he broke some of those computer policies, and he exploited the ignorance of government officials around him. Now he is exploiting the ignorance the American people for personal gain.


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