Space Warfare: Ukraine vs Russia…and USA?

Space warfare is making its way into the headlines.

  1. SATCOM jamming. March 15, 2014. Russia’s Channel One website was temporarily unavailable due to a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack. Meanwhile, Russia-24 TV also said it suffered from a “massive network attack.” [MORE]
  2. DOS Against PNT. April 2, 2014. All 24 of Russia’s GLONASS PNT satellites failed simultaneously. Russian authorities have not reported the exact cause of the GLONASS outage. Theories are circulating that blame faulty system and/or software upgrades, recent solar flares that could cause radio communication outages, or even the possibility that this was a targeted cybersecurity attack. No matter the cause, fixing the outage took close to 13 hours. During that time, Russia’s version of the GPS was crippled and unusable. The lesson here is that there needs to be a plan B for PNT. [MORE]  
  3. Denial of Space Access Averted. May 8, 2014. “The U.S. Court of Federal Claims lifted the preliminary injunction on May 8, 2014. United Launch Alliance’s (ULA’s) purchase of the RD-180 engines from our suppliers and partners, RD AMROSS and NPO Energomash, clearly complies with the sanctions against Russia. If the Court had upheld the injunction, the United States may have been forced to forgo ULA launches using the Russian RD-180. Perhaps this is time for the U.S. Air Force to promote an all-American rocket engine? As long as Ukraine and Russia are in a state of conflict, the United States will be at the mercy of these warring nations in order to have assured space access.  [MORE]



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