UFC 167: St-Pierre vs. Hendricks


November 16, 2013, at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S. The event will commemorate UFC‘s 20th anniversary. Cubicle Warrior’s picks: St-Pierre, Sonnen, MacDonald, Koscheck, and Elliott. Undercard: Cerrone, Herman, Ebersole, and Perez.

Main card
Weight class Prediction
Welterweight Georges St-Pierre (c) vs Johny Hendricks St-Pierre has been the welterweight champion for 5 years, has defended his title 8 times, 3 of those earning FOTN. He has defended the title against Nick Diaz, Jake Shields and Carlos Condit. Johnny Hendricks, has a well known left hand with KO power in addition to his NCAA All-American wrestling background. Johnny has some excellent kickboxing, and has won 15 of his last 16 MMA fights; three of which earned KOTN. The only knock against St-Pierre is that he has only fought five times since 2010 due to injury, while Hendricks rarely takes any damage due to his fast finishes. 5/11 of Hendricks’ fights have ended via KO. If anyone is going to beat St-Pierre, it is going to be Hendricks. St-Pierre has not faced a KO artist like this before, but he has shown that he can weather the storm against fighters that frustrate him with supposedly superior wrestling or striking. GSP by decision, but do not be surprised if Hendricks pulls off an upset.
Light Heavyweight Rashad Evans vs. Chael Sonnen Evans’ current record is 23-3-1, while Sonnen’s is 29-13-1. Evans has a KO/TKO ratio of 26%, while Sonnens’ is up at 28%. Rashad Evans has some excellent BJJ, and his boxing and wrestling are also exceptional. Sonnen is well known in the octagon for his use of wrestling, and has been NCAA division 1 All-American wrestler. He has been training with Dan Henderson, who was not able to take down Evans in their fight, so this match will have to come down to the stand-up game. I would give Sonnen a slight edge in striking. This will probably come down to a decision in Sonnen’s favor.
Welterweight Rory MacDonald vs. Robbie Lawler Rory’s record is very good; 15-1 currently, and is a very clean striker also known for his ability to submit even the toughest of fighters (e.g Mike Guymon at UFC Fight Night 20). His BJJ is even better, as shown in his victories over B.J Penn and Nate Diaz. Lawler is resurgent in his return to the UFC, so you can throw out his 9 losses. Lawler is well known throughout the sport for his impeccable boxing and kickboxing with tremendous KO power, which have resulted in 18 out of his 21 victories. Rory is more well-rounded and should exploit Lawler’s weakness the grappling game by submitting Lawler for the victory, as long as he does not get caught in a stand-up match.
Welterweight Josh Koscheck vs. Tyron Woodley Koz is a great athlete and former NCAA wrestling champ. His wrestling prowess has not saved him in fights–he needs to win this one or he will earn his third successive loss and be cut from the UFC. Woodley has not faced as many tough fighters, so I expect Koz to get back in the winning column via decision.
Flyweight Tim Elliott vs. Ali Bagautinov Elliot is aggressive and should win by submission.
Preliminary card (Fox Sports 1)
Lightweight Donald Cerrone vs. Evan Dunham I used to watch Cerrone in the WEC and UFC main cards. Look for him to make his way back to the main card in future events by KO’ing Dunham.
Middleweight Ed Herman vs. Thales Leites Herman was fun to watch on TUF 3, and in a couple UFC fights. He should get a KO here over submssion artist Leites.
Welterweight Brian Ebersole vs. Rick Story This fight probably will not be very interesting. Ebersole has fought harder fighters and should get the decision. This fight might be a good time to fetch some beer.
Bantamweight Erik Perez vs. Edwin Figueroa Perez fights out of the Jackson Academy in ABQ and has some impressive KOs and submissions.
Preliminary card (Facebook/YouTube)
Welterweight Jason High vs. Anthony Lapsley Don’t care. Both guys have some decent submissions, but if you have to pick one, pick the High guy.
Bantamweight Will Campuzano vs. Sergio Pettis Sergio is undefeated, but neither fighter has been challenged yet. My vote is with Sergio, in hopes that he has learned a few tricks from his brother.
Light Heavyweight Gian Villante vs. Cody Donovan Villante has an awful lot of losses. Neither have fought anyone challenging, so flip a coin.





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