Cubicle Warrior’s Picks – UFC 164: Henderson vs Pettis

Pettis vs Henderson

Pettis vs Henderson

UFC 164: Henderson vs Pettis, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 9 PM CDT.

Main card
Weight class Prediction
Lightweight Benson Henderson (c) vs. Anthony Pettis Most MMA fans will recall that the first meeting between Henderson and Pettis at WEC 53 in December 2010 was fairly even until the infamous kick off the cage. After close analysis, I am convinced that Pettis was ahead of Henderson and was on his way to a #victory before that kick. Overall, I believe that Henderson has improved much more than Pettis since 2010, and that Henderson has remained healthier through more fights than Pettis. On the other hand, Pettis matches up well against Henderson–he has much better hands, he avoids contact in a stand-up, and he has much cleaner striking. As long as Henderson does not lay on top of Pettis and dry-hump him for five rounds a la Clay Guida, I do not see how Henderson plans on beating Pettis. Henderson can win this if he can leg-kick Pettis for five rounds and get a decision, or if he can avoid getting taken down for five rounds. Pettis is a patient fighter, so he will likely out-point Henderson if the fight is left in the hands of the judges, and will get enough takedowns to win some points. I will go out on a limb here and proclaim that Showtime will not leave this in the hands of the judges and will end this fight by TKO.
Heavyweight Frank Mir vs. Josh Barnett Frank Mir used to be one of my favorite fighters until he became rather boring and lost two snoozer fights in a row. Both of these heavyweights are submission specialists, so the advantage in this fight should go to the one who wins the stand-up. I want to pick Mir, but I feel this will be another snoozer win by Barnett.
Featherweight Chad Mendes vs Clay Guida A long, long time ago, Clay Guida was a wreckless fighting machine that was fun to watch–win or lose. Now, he is a boring has-been who is going to get beat by a superior wrestler and striker. Since both are good wrestlers, I foresee a slow fight that will go to Mendes on the judges’ scorecards. I can only hope that he pounds Guida’s face to a victory by TKO.
Heavyweight Ben Rothwell vs. Brandon Vera Supposedly, Brandon Vera has reinvented his fighting style as of late. I sure hope so, because the old Vera deserved each of his six losses and one no-contest. Rothwell does not impress me. He seems to thrive on landing lucky punches. I do not foresee him landing a lucky punch–not even on Vera. Vera by decision.
Featherweight Erik Koch vs. Dustin Poirier Neither of these fighters is very impressive, but Koch is slightly more impressive against higher level opponents. Edge: Koch. Prediction: decision by Koch.
Preliminary card (Fox Sports 1)
Lightweight Jamie Varner vs. Gleison Tibau Varner has much more experience against the upper half of the division. Tibau is a lackluster fighter with wins and losses against lackluster fighters from the bottom of the division. Varner by decision.
Flyweight Louis Gaudinot vs. Tim Elliott Tim Elliott has been toe-to-toe with the super-fast John Dodson and has taken down Jens Pulver. Gaudinot has not fought anybody. Elliott by decision.
Welterweight Pascal Krauss vs. Hyun Gyu Lim Lim has some impressive knockouts over fighters in the same class as Krauss. Krauss has some decent submission wins. If Krauss wins, it might be the SOTN. More than likely Lim will take this by TKO.
Bantamweight Chico Camus vs. Kyung Ho Kang Kang has submitted the best in Korea. Camus is susceptible to the submission. I give this one to Kang.
Preliminary card (Facebook/Youtube)
Heavyweight Soa Palelei vs. Nikita Krylov Paleilei has a cool name, and he likes to hit things. I think he will get a TKO.
Lightweight Ryan Couture vs. Al Iaquinta Ryan is the great-great-great grandson of UFC Hall of Famer Randy Couture. If Little Ryan has one iota of his forefathers’s skill, then I expect him to win this one.
Middleweight Jared Hamman vs. Magnus Cedenblad Cedenblad is one goofy dude that is going to lose this fight. Hamman by TKO.

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