11 days to college football




11 days to +Florida Gators #football. #11 Steve Spurrier. Stephen Orr Spurrier. SOS. Ol’ Ball Coach. Darth Visor. Whatever you want to call him, this football genius from Miami Beach, Florida made Gator bait of opposing defenses as a quarterback earning the Heisman and as coach for a Heisman winner. As quarterback for Ray Graves‘ Florida Gators from ’64 to ’66, he is remembered for waving off the placekicker in order to nail a 45-yarder to beat Auburn in his senior season. Steve won MVP honors in the 1966 Orange Bowl, even though his team lost to Missouri, 18-20. He was a 1st-team All-American in his junior and senior seasons. In 1989, the Ol’ Ball Coach was invited to come home and revive his alma mater’s football program, and he brought it to new levels of national prominence with a swagger that is now well renowned throughout the football landscape. In his 12-year tenure as Ol’ Ball Coach, he won the 1996 Bowl Alliance National Championship, six SEC Championships, was named SEC Coach of the Year five times, won at least 9 games every year he coached, finished in the final poll top fifteen every year, and was ranked every week except his first week as coach (202/203 polls). Steven Orr Spurrier will always be remembered for his greatness as a Gator player and Gator coach…except on days he coaches against his alma mater. Until he retires from coaching, he is Gator bait!



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