10 days to college football

Derrick Jabar Gaffney played wide receiver for Steve Spurrier‘s Florida Gators from 2000-2001 after redshirting the 1999 season. He was a First Team All SEC and All American receiver in his first year as a starter, as well as his second and final college year. In 2001 he won the prestigious Paul Warfield Award as the nation’s collegiate receiver. Jabar is the son of former Gator receiver Derrick Gaffney (1974-1977), nephew of former Gator QB Don Gaffney (1973-1975), and cousin to Gator defensive back Lito Shephard (1999-2001). Jabar finished with 2375 yards on 138 receptions with 27 touchdowns. Fun fact: Jabar Gaffney has a career passing record of 2 completions on 3 attempts for 49 yards.


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