21 days to college football

21 - Fred Taylor

21 – Fred Taylor

Frederick Antwon Taylor hails from the Gator talent hotbed Pahokee, Florida, where he initially played linebacker before switching to tailback. By the time he arrived in Gainesville to play forSteve Spurrier‘s Gators he was an already accomplished running back, having been named to theFHSAA “Top 100 Greatest Players” list. Fred immediately made an impact on the Gators with his unique blend of size, agility, and power, helping them win the Bowl Alliance National Championship in 1996 and earning himself 1st-team All-SEC honors, Walter Camp All-American recognition, and team MVP selection. He was so good that he helped usher fellow running back Elijah Williams to switch to defensive back. He is the #4 in school history with 3,075 yards, and 31 touchdowns. His impact on Gator lore was enough for him to be inducted into the Florida-Georgia Hall of Fame in 2008 and the University of Florida Athletic Association Hall of Fame as a Gator Great in 2010. His son, Kelvin, joined the Florida Gators in 2013 after a successful high school career where he broke fellow Gator Emmitt Smith’s high school records that had been standing since 1986.


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