26 days to college football

Jarvis Eric Williams, Sr. (May 16, 1965 – May 25, 2010) was a hard-hitting defensive back for Galen Hall‘s Florida Gators from 1984 to 1987. He was a key member of the great 1984 and 1985 teams that posted identical 9-1-1 records, then a school best. He is remembered for knocking the **** out of Miami Hurricane receiver in a 1986 game, rendering him unconscious. Jarvis was selected First Team All-SEC in 1986 and First Team All American in 1987. His 45 consecutive starts are second all-time in Gator history. He led the team in interceptions, tackles, and punt returns in his senior season. It was alleged that Coach Hall had helped Jarvis with child support payments, which eventually led to the firing of Galen Hall at the end of the season. Jarvis went on to the NFL in 1988 and was selected in the second round of the draft, where he was reunited with former Gator teammate Louis Oliver on the Miami Dolphins. Jarvis played safety in the NFL until 1994. For his hard hits and hard work as a Gator, Jarvis was selected to the 2001 class of the University of Florida Athletic Association Hall of Fame as a Gator Great. Sadly, Jarvis Williams died at age 45 after an acute asthma attack in 2010.

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