25 days to college football

25 - Lee McGriff

25 – Lee McGriff

Lee Colson McGriff was a walk-on wide receiver in Doug Dickey‘s Florida Gator option offense from 1972-1974. As a wide receiver in the option offense he made the best of his rare catches, including a great, high flying leap and touchdown from Don Gaffney to make the score 9-10 Gators. The Gators converted for 2 points and won that game 11-10. Lee finished his career with 87 receptions, 1551 yards, and 13 touchdowns. He was 2nd team All SEC in 1973 and 1st team All SEC in 1974 before going into the NFL and playing for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in their inaugural year of 1976. He later returned to the University of Florida as an assistant, and many years later became a Gator sports announcer succeeding Scot Brantley. He was later named to the University of Florida Athletic Association as a Gator Great. Lee is the father of Travis McGriff (1995-1998), son of a Gator track star, and uncle to current backup quarterback Ryan McGriff (2011-present).


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