Week 65 of 213: Strength is forged in the crucible of human experience

Cubicle Warrior’s blog, week 65 of 213 (1,004 more days until military retirement). The shaping of our character can be compared to the heat treatment of a sword by a blacksmith. Within the heat of this oven called life, strength is produced. The metalworking process allows the blacksmith to make the sword strong, sharp, and pure, just as the tough experiences in life can make us strong, sharp, and pure.

“Strength is forged in the crucible of human experience. Just as the metal forging process makes the strongest swords, the crucible removes impurities in our character. It allows metal to be folded for additional strength. It tempers the blade so it can be honed into a fine cutting edge.”
— Multiple sources


So you want to be an engineer?

Be careful of what you wish for, especially if you are a 36-year old cubicle dweller that works in a dead-end job with no windows and idiot supervisors…

Top Secret//NOBODY/NO WAY/NO HOW/NEVER – PFC Brad Manning and Eric Snowden are @$$holes

Treachery has existed as long as there’s been warfare, and there’s always been a few people that you couldn’t trust. — General James “Mad Dog” Mattis

In this week’s news, both PFC Manning and Mr. Snowden get away with abusing their security clearances in one way or another. Meanwhile, honest, loyal, and hard working people like me get the shaft. There will always be treachery. What these clowns did was not honorable, yet they get to be heralded as heroes. Jerks! This does bring up an interesting question: does the US government have too many secrets? Half the crap that we consider classified is already known to the media, even before it gets leaked out by clowns like this. I read an interesting argument that maybe we over-classify information to the point where it hurts us. For example, if a drone successfully kills a terrorist, the locals will claim that the drone killed dozens of innocents, but the US cannot offer a rebuttal if we consider the existence of killer drones to be classified! The government could reduce the amount of information it classifies, install controls to reduce theft, and punish traitors accordingly.

Achilles tendon rupture blog: W+6

Here I am in week 6. I can limp along on the CAM boot, throw a football with my son, shoot some basketball with my son, climb stairs, and walk short distances without crutches. I get to remove one more heel lift.

I returned to limited duty at work last week. It is tough to get through our special doors, but I manage. I pretty much shoulder tackle the heavy doors and hope that nobody is on the other side.


Chicken Teriyaki Roll, Kyoto Sushi, Valencia, CA

Chicken Teriyaki Roll, Kyoto Sushi, Valencia, CA


Book Review: Electronic Warfare Target Location Methods

Book Review: Electronic Warfare Target Location Methods

Electronic warfare is  primarily concerned with the intercept and analysis of transmissions from noncooperative emitters. This book shows target location methods using mathematical methods and scientific techniques, as well as engineering design tips.

MIT Open Courseware – Quantum Optical Communication

Class Review: MIT Open Courseware – Quantum Optical Communication

This course is offered to graduate students and covers quantum optics, single-mode and two-mode quantum systems, multi-mode quantum systems, nonlinear optics, and quantum systems theory.

Interesting topics: quantum cryptography and teleportation.

Qubit teleportation

Qubit teleportation is the process of transporting a qubit from one place to another without passing through intervening space-time. The image above shows two qubits that are maximally entangled at a distance of 21 meters in an April 2013 test conducted at the Max Planck Institute [LINK]. In figure (a) atoms a and b are trapped in separate optical cavities 21 meters apart. Quantum entanglement is exhibited between atom b and photon c. In figure (b) a Bell State Measurement (BSM) between photon a’ and c is performed to show that the photon c did teleport to atom a. Note that atoms a and b were trapped in separate optical cavities, so it was a quantum possibility for photon c to teleport out of cavity b towards cavity a.

Quantum cryptography

Quantum cryptography can be used to transmit keys between “Alice” and “Bob” with reasonable assurance that “Eve” cannot intercept the keys without disturbing the quantum state of the key.

NASA’s Space Launch System (SLS) passes Critical Design Review (CDR)

After two years, the SLS design has been locked in and approved to go forward. The SLS was announced in September 2011 under the NASA Authorization Act of 2010. The first launch is targeted for 2017, and the mission to Mars is targeted for 2035.

I know that the US government could use the money to cure cancer or feed the hungry, but as a science nerd, I find this exciting.

How baby ATX power supplies are made

Technically this would be how older power supplies are made. The chip in the middle is an LM117 series voltage regulator. Once that voltage regulator is fertilized by the 5.1 kilo-ohm and 2 kilo-ohm resistors, a 3.3 or 5-volt regulator circuit is born. More than likely it would work better as a 5-volt regulator based on the parts illustrated.


27 days to #SEC football!

27-Neal Anderson

27-Neal Anderson

28-Chris Doering

28-Chris Doering



30-James Jones

30-James Jones

32, 1 - Reggie Nelson

32, 1 – Reggie Nelson

33 - Errict Rhett

33 – Errict Rhett

Florida Gators in the NFL

The University of Florida has 40 players fighting for roster spots right now in the preseason. Well, make that 39, thanks to alleged killer Aaron Hernandez. [LINK]. Today starts the NFL preseason!

UFC 163: Aldo vs Korean Zombie

I did not make any pre-fight picks, but probably would have gone 2 for 3 in the picks that mattered. I had Jose Aldo over Chan Sung Jung, Lyota Machida over Phil Davis, and Amanda Nunes over Sheila Gaff. I was surprised that Phil Davis got the decision over Machida, but I am not too upset. Machida should know better than to leave the fight in the hands of the judges.

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2 thoughts on “Week 65 of 213: Strength is forged in the crucible of human experience

  1. Love your blog. Agree on Manning/Snowden. It’s funny that the same people that wanted Scooter Libby burned at the stake for the Valerie Plame thing, have no trouble with someone releasing hundreds of thousands of documents to WikiLeaks.

    BTW, even with all the heartache described, one of my greatest regrets is that I didn’t stick it out in EE. My kidneys are failing regardless…

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