Achilles Tendon Rupture Blog: D+4 from injury, D-1 to surgery


It has been 4 days since the injury. I had my MRI this morning, but was not scheduled for MRI results and pre-surgery briefing until Friday. Apparently the doctor got an early look at the MRI and called me late in the evening to inform me that I needed to have surgery ASAP. Tomorrow I will go under the knife.

Since the injury, pain has only occurred at work, since I have to hobble around a lot. At home, I feel no pain as long as I keep my foot elevated. I feel that going back to work yesterday severely aggravated my injury. Working through pain Friday and Monday just to please the boss was not a good idea. Avoiding the office today may have saved my Achilles tendon.

The picture above will be the last pristine picture of my right leg. I am sure it will look ugly after surgery tomorrow.


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