Week 36 of 213: I want to know God’s thoughts. The rest are only details.

God's Equations

God‘s Equations?

Cubicle Warrior’s blog, week 36 of 213 (1,207 more days to military retirement). This week’s quote is often attributed to Albert Einstein, but I cannot confirm this. Regardless of the source, I like this quote, and it does fall in line with Albert Einstein’s thoughts on god, God, and science.

I want to know God’s thoughts. The rest are only details.
— Unknown, often attributed to Albert Einstein


Wolverine as Jean Valjean

  • 태권도 물리Taekwondo Physics. I started up a series discussing the physics of martial arts, focusing on what I observe in the kids’ taekwondo and backing up my conclusions with mathematical rigor. If you want to know some of the science behind martial arts, feel free to follow the series.
    • Lesson 1 summary: Intro.
    • Lesson 2 summary: Force is a product of mass and acceleration, not velocity.
    • Lesson 3a summary: A properly executed straight punch will create a force equal to the martial artist’s weight at the target.
    • Lesson 3b summary: Re-breakable boards start off being harder to break than wooden boards before settling into the rated, equivalent hardness of a wooden board, which is enough force to cause major head trauma with a well-placed strike to the head.
    • Lesson 4 summary: A martial artist must be a master of his or her own size, weight, and power.
  • God’s equations? The picture above is a common one used to merge discussions of science and religion, or merely as a clever physics joke. The more common version of this joke is to simply assert Maxwell’s equations in macroscopic, differential form and QED “let there be light”, as shown below.
    • Gauss’s Law: \nabla\cdot{\bf D}=\rho_f
    • Gauss’s Law for magnetism: \nabla\cdot{\bf B}=0
    • Faraday’s Law for Induction: \nabla\times{\bf E}=-\frac{\partial B}{\partial t}
    • Ampere’s Circuital Law (with Maxwell’s correction): \nabla\times{\bf H}={\bf J}+\frac{\partial \bf D}{\partial t}
      • What does this tell us about God and religion? Nothing really. This does open up a much deeper discussion on God’s role in science. I hear all the time from under-educated, non-techies that scientists hate religion or that religion overrides science. There are plenty of brilliant scientists whose beliefs fall in line with religion, or whose work need not be considered counter to religion. Most non-techies are thrown off by the math, as if the math were forcing the issue. The math is just the language of discussion that cannot be biased one way or the other. The only bias comes in lack of understanding.
  • Marion “Mike” F. Kilar: 14 September 1914 – 4 January 1996It has been 17 years since my grandfather passed away. He is easily the most influential man in my life.
  • Cubicle Warrior’s Movie Review: Les Misérables. Awesome movie. This one is well worth the seven days’ running time of the movie. Just make sure that if your neighbor sings along that you give him or her a stiff throat punch, especially if your neighbor is Russell Crowe. Hint: if you need to take a potty break, wait until Catwoman dies, but make it back to your seat before Wolverine gets into a sword fight using a coat rack.
  • Cubicle Warrior’s Movie Review: Looper. Very good movie. This movie provides the solution to gun control. Ban all guns in the future, but send people that you want killed back in time to a time where everybody carriers blunderbusses and shoots drugs into their eyeballs! Imagine crossing Terminator with, I don’t know, every other movie that uses time travel. The difference is that this movie has a nice twist at the end–it solves the problem of gun control!



Ropa Vieja, Versailles Cuban, El Segundo, CA


2011 Santa Julia Malbec


The Good: Samsung flexible phone prototype.  This phone will fit in your pocket better than that POS iPhone5 that is getting bent out of shape sitting in your pocket right now.

The Bad: iPotty. Let’s just replace moms and dads with iPads from here on out.

The Weird: WTH? Nobody will buy this, unless Apple makes it and charges everyone $500. iGlasses. Get it? iGlasses!

  • Consumer Electronics Show (CES) January 8-11, 2013, Las Vegas Convention Center. The best gadgets seemed to be centered on touch screen technologies.
    • Good. Huewei introduced a competitor to the Samsung Note, the Ascend Mate. Yay! Something new for Apple to copy! Chevy previewed its MyLink and Ford previewed AppLink, each of them essentially being customized tablet computers built into the dashboard of a car. Samsung showed a prototype of the flexible phone. The Tobii Rex is a situational awareness sensor that observers your eyeballs and uses that input to guide the cursor on screen (in the military, we call that CoT, Cursor on Target). Of course, there were several iterations of the large screen television–some with better displays (Samsung 55″ OLED TV and 110″ LED TV), and some with the same displays with touchscreen control (TCL UltraSurface TV). Sony showed off its visor television, which if worn properly simulates a 150″ screen from 12′ away.
    • Bad. For those of you spoiled bitch moms that must stuff an iPad in your toddler’s face so you can watch TV, there is the iPotty for teaching your future high school dropout how to poop in a toilet. Take heed, future jailbird. It will be a lot easier to poop after a few years in jail. The HappiFork will vibrate when you are eating too quickly, theoretically to make you slow down. All that would make me do is eat with my hands, Filipino style!
    • Weird. The PSiO Booster glasses enhance your viewing experience by “stimulating the brain with lights and sounds”???


  • The spread offense in the NFL. A couple years ago, ESPiN “experts” said that the college spread offense would never work in the NFL. Surprise, surprise. Just a reminder: the New England Patriots and Green Bay Packers have been using elements of the “college spread offense” for years now. Some people confuse the wildcat with the spread, but they are not the same thing. Today, the San Francisco 49ers, Seattle Seahawks, Washington Redskins, and Carolina Panthers use the spread extensively, and three of those teams made it into the playoffs! As mentioned earlier, the New England Patriots and Green Bay Packers use elements of the spread in their pro-style offense. The spread is here to stay for a while. I am not saying it is the only offense that should be used in the NFL, but I am saying that as long as quarterbacks are as mobile as they are now, it makes sense to fold their skills into the numbers game using the spread. Evolve the play-action fake into the zone-read, but put that fake at the point of attack where the linebackers are reading the offense, force good players out of position, and let the numbers work in favor of the offense. In the standard pro-style offense, the QB does not need to be accounted for at the point of attack 2-5 seconds after the snap–he will either hand off to the RB, throw to the WR, or scamper for 5-10 yards before the linebackers tackle him. In the spread, that QB is still part of the numbers equation because 2-5 seconds after the snap he is still running with the RB and reading the linebacker, or he has fooled the linebackers and defensive ends out of position and will now take an additional 2-3 seconds for the deep pass or will run through the empty defensive backfield for 10-20 yards.
  • The #9/#10 11-2 Florida Gators ended the 2012 season with a loss in the Sugar Bowl. Although the loss is disappointing, it is understandable. The Gators were up against a Gator legend, now Louisville head coach Charlie Strong. The players were a bit underwhelmed in having to play in the Sugar Bowl, just as Alabama was deflated years ago after losing to Florida in the SEC championship and having to play Utah (a team that ran the same offense as the Gator team that beat them only a month earlier). To be honest, I am quite happy with the overall season. The Gators are ahead of schedule with their return to prominence, and they made it this far without an offense to speak of. Part of that problem may be due to the Gators losing their wide receiver coach before the season. The problem area this year was that the receivers were neither getting open nor catching the passes that him them in the hands. These receivers had been recruited under Urban Meyer’s staff (some even recruited by Charlie Strong) as blockers or speed flankers, not primary pass catchers. The Gators may have ended the season with a top-five defense, but they have once again ended up with a bottom-five offense.

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