Cubicle Warrior’s UFC 155: Dos Santos – Velasquez 2 Picks

UFC 155: Dos Santos – Velasquez 2

UFC 155: Dos Santos – Velasquez 2

MGM Grand Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada

Saturday, December 29, 2012. Facebook fights start at 3:30 PM PST, FX fights start at 5:00 PM PST, and PPV fights start at 7:00 PM.

265 lbs.: Junior dos Santos (15-1) vs. Cain Velasquez (10-1). Their first fight lasted 64 whole seconds. Velasquez fans will say that he tore his ACL two weeks before the fight. Dos Santos fans will counter with the fact that JDS tore his meniscus two weeks before the fight. No matter how you slice it, JDS beat the **** out of Velasquez in their first meeting. JDS is a dynamic striker with excellent take-downs. Velasquez showed that he was back by beating Bigfoot Silva with a very vanilla attack, but it will take more than vanilla to beat JDS. Perhaps it will take vanilla, chocolate, and bacon to beat JDS. Mmmm. Bacon. I see another KTFO by JDS–maybe not in 64 seconds, but it’s coming nonetheless. FOTN

Post script: Cain Velasquez regained the heavyweight title by unanimous decision. Cain dismantled JDS early the match. It took three rounds before JDS recovered from being rattled early in the fight.

155 lbs.: Joe Lauzon (22-7) vs. Jim Miller (21-4). On paper, this fight should end with a 1st round submission or KO by overhand right. Jim Miller’s four losses come from the best of the division: Frankie Edgar (RF:14), Gray Maynard (UFC 96), Ben Henderson (UFC Live: Hardy vs Lytle), and Nate Diaz (UFC on Fox: Pothead Punk versus Miller). Joe Lauzon has KTFO’d or subbed some of the best fighters around: Jens Pulver (UFC 63), Melvin Guillard (UFC 136), and Jamie Varner (UFC on Fox: Rua vs Vera). Then again, Lauzon has also been beaten by some very pedestrian fighters. I give the slight edge to Miller in this one, especially if the fight goes on past the 1st round.

Post script: Jim Miller defeated Joe Lauzon via unanimous decision in the Fight of the Night. Miller nearly punched Lauzon’s eyeball out of socket. Miller’s knees and elbows from the clench rearranged Lauzon’s face, but give Lauzon some credit for staying upright the entire fight.

185 lbs.: Tim Boetsch (16-4) vs. Constantinos Philippou (11-2). Tim Boetsch has three losses at 205 lbs, but he is 4-0 at middleweight. Phillipou is the cleaner striker, but has not fought anyone as large or as durable as Boetsch. I give a slight edge to Boetsch.

Post script: Philippou beat the snot out of Boetsch and TKO’d him in round 3.

185 lbs.: Alan Belcher (18-6) vs. Yushin Okami (27-7). This is a rematch of UFC 62, when a 22-year old Belcher lost in his UFC debut. Now that Belcher is six years older and has twice as many victories under his belt, including signature a SOTN win over Denis Kang at UFC 93, a FOTN victory over Wilson Gouveia at catchweight of 195 lbs in UFC 107, and a SOTN win over Patrick Cote in UFC 113. Belcher has a four-fight win streak, and has been looking better each fight. It appears that Okami has become gun shy since Anderson Silva beat the snot out him at UFC 134. Look for Belcher to win this one, probably by decision, but hopefully by TKO.

Post script: Ukami checks in with another snoozer decision.

185 lbs.: Derek Brunson (9-2) vs. Chris Leben (22-8). I used to love watching Chris Leben swim through punches just to KO Wanderlei Silva (UFC 132), KOTN Allesio Sakara (UFC 82), and KOTN Jorge Santiago (UFC Fight Night 6). I think all the drugs and repeated punches to the noggin are taking a toll on Leben. He has been on a year-long suspension due to drug abuse, so I would imagine that this fight will be a little rusty for Leben. Brunson is not a scary fighter–he is coming off two successive losses. I think this will come down to a decision, probably in Leben’s favor. Barely.

Post script: This was a garbage fight. Leben needs to stop sucking.

On the FX Preliminary Card, I think it will go this way (not that I care about any of these guys other than Varner and Guillard):

  • Bantamweight Brad Picket (22-6) over Eddie Wineland (19-8-1)
  • Bantamweight Erik Perez (12-4) over Byron Bloodworth (6-2)
  • Lightweight Jamie Varner (20-7-1) over Melvin Guillard (30-11-2)
  • Lightweight Myles Jury (10-0) over Michael Johnson (12-6)

On the Facebook Preliminary Card, I will toss up a coin:

  • Heavyweight Phil De Fries over Todd Duffee (just because I like the name “De Fries”) KOTN
  • Featherweight Leonard Garcia over Max Holloway (just because Garcia is a fun Rock ‘Em, Sock ‘Em fighter)
  • Flyweight John Moraga over Chris Cariaso (no idea who either of these guys are, but the toss-up pointed to Moraga). SOTN
Post script: I went I went 1-4 in the main card picks, I went 1-2 with the Facebook prelim picks, and 3-1 with the FX undercard picks. The Miller-Lauzon fight was my favorite of the night. The first two rounds of the Dos Santos-Velasquez fight was great. I had hoped that Cain would have avenged his 64-second KO with a KO of his own, but he let Junior zombie around the ring for three more rounds. Average PPV event.

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