Florida Gators vs. Florida State Seminoles – Recap – November 24, 2012 – ESPN

The Florida Gators beat in-state rival FSU 37-26 after racking up 24 straight points. Before that run, the Noles looked as if they had deflated the Gators, but Florida rallied behind Mike Gillislee. The Gators finished with 394 total yards to FSU’s 300, with 244 of those yards coming off Gillislee and Driskel running.


My notes:

  • The Gators once again had to overcome “adversity on the field” thanks to some boneheaded calls from the officials. Case in point: calling a Gator defender for pass interference after the receiver shoves the defender onto the ground and still misses the pass! Two more cases in point: blown calls from the officials on two Gator receptions. Jordan Reed’s reception looked just like the reception that UGA made against Florida in the WLOCP. Trey Burton’s reception clearly shows a reception, or that there is not enough footage to make it not a reception.
  • The Gator offensive line did not figure out how to block FSU’s two bookends until the second half. Even then, QB Jeff Driskel fumbled the ball into Werner’s lap during the Gator meltdown.
  • Mike Gillislee is a stud. Great day from the senior running back.
  • Jeff Driskel needs to heal in order to make the plays he needs to make. Early in the game his adrenaline levels were high enough to let him run 30+ yards on a broken play. By the second half, he was not very mobile.
  • How about that FSU “#1 defense”?

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