Week 24 of 213: They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.

Cubicle Warrior’s blog, week 24 of 213 (1,300 more days).

They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety. ~ Ben Franklin. 


Spoiler alert: The plot of Taken 2 is basically (1) the same as the plot in Taken. In case you forgot, the original premise was that the protagonist, Qui-Gon Jinn, was killing a bunch of people responsible for kidnapping his daughter. In Taken Part Deux, Qui-Gon is killing people responsible for kidnapping him and his ex-wife. Read more [LINK].


Shumai, Gogi House CA

Korean BBQ, Gogi House

Bulgogi, Kyoto Sushi


Cyber Pearl Harbor. It’s coming. Cyber-Fear? Cyber-Uncertainty? Cyber-Doubt? (Cyber-FUD?) Fodder for a struggling defense cybersecurity industry? Maybe. What do you expect? This is the defense secretary, and former CIA director. He makes a living being more paranoid than everyone else! The boss has a point. Read more [LINK].

Protect your e-mail with World War 2 era encryption. Rune Information Systems has a system called Deadbolt that is based on World War 2 Vernam encryption. The user has software and hardware on hand to generate privacy keys to protect critical messages. Only a user that has the key can unlock the message. This could be used to protect e-mails, or even private messages on LinkedIn or Facebook. It will not protect Facebook wall posts or anything like that. If you wanted the data secure you would not be posting it publicly on a wall, right? Read more [LINK].


The Spider TKOs the American Psycho

Anderson Silva toyed around a bit with Stephan Bonnar and then TKO’d his prey in the first round. Read more [LINK].

#4 Florida Gators run over the Vanderbilt Commodores 31-17 after yet another slow start. I am not sure how many times the Gators can lay low in the first half and then spring to life in the second, but they did it again this day and came away with a win against a very pesky and persistent ‘Dore team. QB Jeff Driskel broke Saint Timothy Tebow’s QB rushing record with 177 yards on 11 carries. Saint Tebow gained  166 yards on 27 carries with the previous record. The Gators are 6-0 for the first time in a long time and have far surpassed expectations after being projected at 7-6 or 8-5 this year. With LSU beating SC, the Gators should rise to #2 in some polls. Other polls will be cautious to put this odd Gator team at #2, especially with Oregon looking better on the field than Florida. Give the Gators some respect–their resume warrants a high ranking. They just need to keep winning in order to prove the naysayers wrong. Up next: the former #3 South Carolina Gamecocks and the Ol’ Ball Coach, Steve Spurrier in the 8th edition of the Spurrier Bowl.

AP Top 25
1 Alabama 6-0 1
2 Oregon 6-0 2
3 Florida 6-0 4
4 Kansas State 6-0 6
5 Notre Dame 6-0 7
6 LSU 6-1 3
7 Ohio State 7-0 9
8 Oregon State 
5-0 10
9 South Carolina
6-1 4
10 Oklahoma
4-1 13
11 USC 
4-1 11
12 Florida State 6-1 12
13 Georgia
5-1 14
14 Clemson 
5-1 15
15 Mississippi State 6-0 19
16 Louisville
6-0 18
17 West Virginia 
5-1 5
18 Texas Tech
5-1 NR
19 Rutgers
6-0 20
20 Texas A&M
5-1 22
21 Cincinatti 
5-1 21
22 Stanford 4-2 17
23 Michigan 4-2 25
24 Boise State 5-1 24
25 Ohio 37-0 NR
BCS Standings
1 Alabama 6-0
2 Florida 6-0
3 Oregon 6-0
4 Kansas State 6-0
5 Notre Dame 6-0
6 LSU 6-1
7 South Carolina 6-1
8 Oregon State 5-0
9 Oklahoma 4-1
10 USC 5-1
11 Georgia 5-1
12 Mississippi State 6-0
13 West Virginia 5-1
14 Florida State 6-1
15 Rutgers 6-0
16 Louisville 6-0
17 Texas Tech 5-1
18 Texas A&M 5-1
19 Clemson 5-1
20 Stanford 4-2
21 Cincinnati 5-0
22 Boise State 5-1
23 TCU 5-1
24 Iowa State 4-2
25 Texas 4-2

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