Panetta Warns of Dire Threat of Cyberattack on U.S. –

Cyber-Fear? Cyber-Uncertainty? Cyber-Doubt? (Cyber-FUD?) Fodder for a struggling defense cybersecurity industry? Maybe. [LINK]. What do you expect? This is the defense secretary, and former CIA director. He makes a living being more paranoid than everyone else! The boss has a point. The use of networking technologies for the sake of convenience is so pervasive in today’s society that it can now be used as a weapon to derail trains, shut down power grids, or interfere with nuclear power plants. This type of cyber attack is much worse than simply flooding the Internet with traffic and denying users access to Facebook. This is much worse than stealing your Facebook password and spamming all your friends with nude pictures of and attaching malicious code.

Knowing all this, what can the average American do about it? Go out and vote on election day. Make sure that the officials you elect are willing to go to work, and support legislation to protect the nation’s critical infrastructure. While you are at it, go to your social networking settings and fix those privacy settings.


One thought on “Panetta Warns of Dire Threat of Cyberattack on U.S. –

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