Cubicle Warrior’s Review of Taken 2

Spoiler alert: The plot of Taken 2 is basically (1) the same as the plot in Taken. In case you forgot, the original premise was that the protagonist, Qui-Gon Jinn, was killing a bunch of people responsible for kidnapping his daughter. In Taken Part Deux, Qui-Gon is killing people responsible for kidnapping him and his ex-wife.

The good news is that there is a slight morality twist. Remember, Qui-Gon killed a bunch of bad dudes. In Taken Part Deux, he is being hunted by the father of the bad guys that he killed. Is the bad guy daddy justified in seeking revenge for the death of his horribly misguided children?

Knowing all that about the plot, the viewer must decide if he even cares. The viewer comes into this moving knowing two things: this is an action flick and this is a sequel. Obviously, this movie is not destined for an Academy Award. This movie delivers where it counts–awesome fight scenes, crazy car chases, and occasional wise guy quips. In those areas, Taken 2 delivers about as well as the original.

My only complaints about this movie are that it is apparent a few scenes had been censored, cut short for time, or not fully developed. I would imagine that the DVD extended version will fill in those weaknesses. I give this movie a 4/5.


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