Afghan inside attack kills 2 Americans, 2 Afghans, marking 2,000 US troop deaths | Fox News

One American military and one civilian member were killed today in an insider attack [1]. The same Afghan troops that Americans trust and train every day are turning on us and shooting us in the back. With 27 more months left of combat ops in the Afghan theater, we should expect more deaths like this, and it could get worse after December 2014 when all we have are “peacekeeping forces”. “Stability operations” do not work well with combat operators, and they are even less efficient with peacekeeping forces [2]. The current paradigm is to toss up to $200K per combatant commander to organize, train, and equip gendarme forces, or military forces with police skills [2]. In theory, this should work. I guess. I cannot imagine that the US government would continue to do this knowing that gendarme forces have not worked in recent history. Maybe. Someone out there that studies this stuff every day might be able to cherry pick a few intellectual articles to prove me wrong. I am not going to pretend that I am an expert in this topic, but I will say that I am not confident that American military members like me should be sacrificing our lives if our government is not equipping us with the best tools, training, equipment, and knowledge to execute the orders given to us. I did not enlist or commission into the civil affairs force, so I not think my fellow Airmen should be deployed to do civil affairs. If the solution is to cut back the military and build up a civil affairs force, then so be it. Just stop depending on military forces to do non-military functions. Our job in the military is to break stuff and kill people, not train others on military and police operations that we are not even experts in ourselves. If we are to continue on our goal of bringing democracy to other nations, then we should, as a nation, commit to this using a force other than a military [2,3]. So far, this policy of promoting democracy to deter terrorism and promote peace is not working [3]. It may not be a bad policy, but I can say that we should not be trying to build democracies with a military–it should be done with a civil affairs force. The civil affairs force needs to be trained in democracy building, foreign relations, and diplomacy. Any foces left behind to protect these civil affairs forces must be trained as policemen and bodyguards. These are not skills used by our military forces, so something has to change. If I were king, I would offer a bunch of mid-career military folks, senior diplomats, and junior police-militia types some handsome salaries to serve on a civil affairs force. In the background, I would right-size the military to support the civil affairs force while bolstering true combat operations, especially special operations. The special operations community might be able to evolve its counter-insurgency operations, as long as they are also given the freedom to break stuff and kill people.

[1] “Afghan inside attack kills 2 Americans”. Associated Press. Fox News. 20120930.

[2] “Peacekeeping and Related Stability Operations: Issues of U.S. Military Involvement”. Nina M. Serafino. Congressional Research Service. 20060713.

[3] “Democracy Promotion: Cornerstone of U.S. Foreign Policy?”. Susan B. Epstein, Nina M. Serafino, and Francis T. Miko. Congressional Research Service. 20061227.


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