Week 21 of 213: In the end it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.

Cubicle Warrior’s blog, week 21 of 213 (1,320 more days). Today’s aphorism is often attributed to Abraham Lincoln. As much as I love Mr. Lincoln and his enthralling platitudes, I cannot confirm that this antimetabole statement is actually his. Regardless of the source, these are wise words for me on my nth birthday anniversary celebration.

In the end it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years. — Unknown


Happy birthday anniversary to me! Another year, another year closer to the grave. Thank you to all the Facebook friends who noticed the reminder in the upper right-hand corner of the Facebook page. I thought I was clever by not allowing wall posts, but my determined friends found a loophole by latching onto my wife’s birthday greeting. The others figured me out and just PM’d me. Thanks, everyone! In related news, my wife’s cousin took the time to reconcile our differences and wish me a happy birthday anniversary. This gives me hope for all mankind. Except liberal Democrats. ****, why are there so many of them leftists in this world?

‘Venture in Ventura. The kids had a blast at the Ventura West Coast ATA Championship Tournament at the Ventura County Fairgrounds. Rissa earned 1st in ATA-Extreme Open Hand & ATA-Extreme Weapons, Traditional Forms and Traditional Weapons. She earned 2nd place in Sparring. JR earned 2nd in ATA-Extreme Weapons after yet another questionable call from the judges. JR earned 3rd in sparring and 4th in everything else. Quite frankly, I am fed up with ATA judges going out of their way to interpret rules. It is not supposed to be that difficult. If a judge is a martial artist, then s/he should be able to apply some context and common sense to the rules and render a fair assessment of the competitor’s performance. Quibbling over whether or not the saya (scabbard) is part of a sword and whether or not it needs to be presented at bow-in is utter stupidity. Look at the traditional (as defined by ATA) sword form–the martial artist bows in with the sword IN THE SHEATH, then draws and sheaths the sword multiple times.

Newsflash: Not all Libyans are terrorists. [LINK]. Here is some good news to share–pro-democracy Libyans show that they do not all hate America. Some Libyans are willing to sacrifice their own lives and safety to prove it. We need more good news like this. Try not to buy into the gloom-and-doom news services that paint a picture of all Middle Easterners hating America. Sure, there are plenty of misguided people around the world that want to kill us, but they are in the far minority. In reality, foreigners do not know a lot about America (they have their own lives to think about), or they do not care one way or the other (they study America in school and then never see an American), they are in the minority that hate America based on limited information, or they hate their miserable lives and need a common enemy to focus their anger towards. This past week, many Libyans took their lives into their own hands to demonstrate that they do not agree with the killing of Americans. Keep in mind that they do not have the right to assembly, as we do in America. Ask yourself if you would be willing to get off the couch and defend Libyans if you did not have the protected freedom of assembly.

Gangnam Style > Party Rock Anthem! This weekend, PSY’s “Gangnam Style” video surpassed LMFAO‘s “Party Rock Anthem” as the most watched music video on YouTube. I normally do not follow pop culture, but I am also hooked on this song for various reasons. For one, it really is catchy. The kids have me hooked. Also, I can remember taking tours through the Gangnam district of Seoul back in 1999-2000, just south of the river and on the way to Lotte World. I do not recall anyone in that district dancing as they do in the video, but then again I do not recall the stereotypical Korean being that good at dancing well enough for me to remember.


Filipino French Toast, Honey Bunny Cafe, LA


Farewell, Orbital Vehicle Endeavour. I was able to watch three of the four passes that the Endeavour took over Los Angeles. I happened to be at work getting ready for commander’s call. The commander let us all stand outside and watch history. The first two passes that I saw were too low for me to see much. The last pass was great, because the aircraft tandem executed a pylon turn overEl Segundo in order to line up for final approach into LAX. It just so happened that the pylon turn was oriented right at Los Angeles Air Force Base, and I got to see the whole thing. What a wonderful sight. Check the link for video coverage of the flight over LA (not my video): [READ MORE]

Is taking human life just a video game?

Taking a human life–as easy as 1,2,3…blue X + red square button? The US military is going drone crazy. As technology gets better, drones are capable of the precision, endurance, reliability and firepower needed to replace or augment manned combat forces. Unfortunately, drones are no less flawed than humans when it comes to killing… [READ MORE]

Are you unknowingly exporting data illegally to other countries? If you are using cloud computing, the answer may be a resounding “yes”. If you do not even know if you are using cloud computing, then sit back and try to recall where you store documents for work. If you have any of those on the Apple iCloud, Google Drive, DropBox, or any service like that, then you may be guilty and I hope you rot in cyber jail. Just kidding about the cyber jail part. This is a difficult problem. Even “the authorities” are having issues with delineating where the law has jurisdiction, and figuring out how they could prosecute someone if they had to. American consumers have found it convenient to store files on free, 1 Gigabyte or more “clouds”, without knowing whether these data are stored in America, Taiwan, or Japan! [READ MORE]


Jon Jones retains the LHW title at UFC 152. This time, Bones Jones looked a tad bit vulnerable. Whether it was Belfort’s grappling, or the fact that he is a southpaw, we will see in the near future. With Rashad Evans and Rampage Jackson both available to give tips to any of Jones’ opponents, we may see the downfall of Jon Jones in one of his upcoming fights. I hope he gets Dan Henderson and Chael Sonnen. Both would be great fights. [READ MORE]

After a slow start, the Gators rolled the Wildcats in usual fashion, 38-0. In Kentucky’s defense, the Wildcats were without their starting QB. In Florida’s defense, the Gators kept their best offensive weapon, Trey Burton, off the field the entire game. Two years ago, Burton scored six touchdowns against UK by himself–passing, running, and receiving. Florida struggled early on against the SEC‘s top passing offense by letting the Wildcats gain more first downs and rushing yards. This does not bode well with LSU coming to town in a couple weeks. Jeff Driskel looked good despite forcing his first interception of the season.

Driskel 18/27 203 7.5 1 1
Gillislee 13 56 4.3 1 11
Jones 10 45 4.5 0 11

Alabama is still riding high atop the polls. They beat the team in front of them, whether SEC or other conference, and they do it in convincing fashion. Alabama’s only real test in terms of top-ranked teams is LSU. After that, they should be in good shape for the SEC championship game against UGA, SC, or a dark horse SEC contender. All that Florida State needs to do is beat my Florida Gators, and I can see them being in the BCS championship game against Alabama.

AP Top 25
1 Alabama 4-0 1
2 Oregon 4-0 3
3 LSU 4-0 2
4 Florida State 4-0 4
5 Georgia 4-0 5
6 South Carolina 4-0 7
7 Kansas State 
4-0 15
8 Stanford 4-0 9
9 West Virginia 4-0 8
10 Notre Dame 4-0 11
11 Florida
4-0 14
12 Texas 4-0 12
13 USC 
3-1 13
14 Ohio State
4-0 16
15 TCU 4-0 17
16 Oklahoma 2-1 6
17 Clemson 2-1 10
18 Oregon State 2-0 NR
19 Louisville UCLA 4-0 20
20 Michigan State
3-1 21
21 Mississippi State
4-0 23
22 Nebraska Arizona 
3-1 25
23 Rutgers 4-0 NR
24 Boise State 2-1 24
25 Baylor 3-0 NR
NR Michigan, UCLA, Arizona

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