UFC 152

In some exciting MMA action over my birthday weekend, Jon Jones survived an armbar from Vitor Belfort to retain the light heavyweight title, but he did look vulnerable against a smaller light heavyweight. Fighting off the armbar attempt may have forced some nerve damage, but we all know Jones is a tough guy and we expect no less.

Demetrious Johnson won the battle of the Energize Bunnies against Joseph Benevidez. I expected Benevidez to win this one, but I formulated that expectation before seeing how much faster Johnson was than Benevidez.

Michael Bisping is a lot easier to watch now that he has learned to just shut up and fight. He defeated one of my favorite fighters, Brian Stann, in convincing fashion. At one time I had given up on Stann because he was too predictable. It appears that Bisping agreed and took advantage of Stann’s predictability in a decision win over the All American.

Matt Hammill needs to go back to retirement. He looked slow in his non-loss over his sacrificial lamb.

Jackson MMA Academy standout Cub Swanson scored the KOTN by downing Charles Oliveira.

No big surprises here. I did not post any fight predictions, but I probably would have picked Stann to beat Bisping.

References: The Score and Sherdog.



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