Week 16 of 213: Even if you fall on your face, you are still moving forward

Cubicle Warrior’s blog, week 16 of 213. This week’s highlights: bad sushi, good pizza, a trip to Vandenberg Air Force Base, my new phone, the Bourne Legacy and MMA fighter Ronda Rousey. Two more weeks to college football season!

Even if you fall on your face, you are still moving forward. –Multiple sources.


Cultivation to the mind is as necessary as food to the body. — Cicero

Maru Sushi, Santa Clarita, CA

Maru Sushi, Santa Clarita, CA

Maru Sushi. I should have known that a fusion of French food and sushi would be a sure way to create an overpriced disappointment. 2/5. At least the dessert was good. [LINK]

Bianca, Red Brick Pizza, Rolling Hills CA

Red Brick Pizza is now my favorite in the Los Angeles area. 5/5. [LINK]

Taproom Burger, Buellton, CA

This burger from Firestone Brewery in Buellton is the best burger I have had in SoCal. 5/5. [LINK]


The Galaxy S3 is the best toy I have received in a while. Then again, the last toy I received was the Motorola Atrix 4G back in April 2011. 5/5. Thank you, Honey Bunny! [LINK]

(Cubicle) Engineering

To the optimist, the glass is half full. To the pessimist, the glass is half empty. To the engineer, the glass is twice as big 
as it needs to be. — Unknown.

I got an e-mail from an old friend about a $200+ CAC reader for the iPhone or Android. That is just the initial NRE–there is also a $50+ fee per year for middleware maintenance. [LINK]

Martial Arts

Ronda Rousey tapped another fighter out in Round 1, Sarah Kaufman! I am really starting to fall in love with Ronda Rousey. As a fighter, of course. She even calls out the steroid shooting male female MMA fighter, Cristiane Cyborg Santos. I think that Ronda is the best female MMA fighter not named Cristiane Santos. I doubt she will be able to pull off a first round arm bar on the Cyborg, even if the Cyborg is off the drugs.

Florida Gator football

14 days to Gator football! I have been counting down the top 100 Gators based on the following factors: Gator Ring of Honor, University of Florida Athletic Association Hall of Fame (Gator Great), All American, national awards (Heisman, Draddy, etc) All SEC, conference awards, and school awards. Ties went to members of national or conference championship teams. Mitigating factors were considered for all-time greats from  the beginning of Gator football in 1906 to the beginning of the modern epoch in 1980.

  • 14. Gator Great, College Hall of Fame, All-American, 3X All SEC, WR Carlos Alvarez (’69-’71)
  • 15. Gator Greats, the first and second Gator All Americans, Dale Van Sickel and Charlie LaPradd (1927-1929, 1950-1952)
  • 16. Gator Great, All-American, 3X All-SEC WR Cris Collinsworth (’77-’80)
  • 17. Gator Great, All-American, All-SEC WR Ike Hilliard (’94-’96)
  • 18. Gator Great, All-American, All-SEC WR Reidel Anthony (’94-’96)
  • 19. Gator Great, 2X SEC Player of the Year, 3X All-SEC QB Shane Matthews (’90-’93)
  • 20. Gator Great, SEC Player of the Year, All-SEC QB Kerwin Bell (’83-’87)
  • 21. Gator Great, All-SEC linebacker Scot Brantley (’76-’79)

Big Blue

I was a bit disappointed that the JSpOC does not look like the old Space Control Center from “Wargames”. I did learn a lot from this TDY.

Work. Still sucks. I cannot tell all three of you blog readers why, but it sucks. Trying to remain positive here…


Bourne Legacy: “There was never just one”. Puh-leez! There had better not be another one. Read more here [LINK].


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