Week 15 of 213: What you have become, is the price you paid to get what you used to want

Cubicle Warrior’s blog, week 15 of 213. This week’s entries: sushi keeps me sane, “California cheese steaks” suck, the Air Force Network thinks I am in San Antonio, WTF is going on with Olympic taekwondo, and, if you are still paying attention, some nerdy stuff with the Mars rover and programming IDEs.

What you have become, is the price you paid to get what you used to want. — Mignon Laughlin

Where were you on August 6th when Curiosity landed on Mars? I watched the NASA video on UStream and poked fun at the mohawk guy while secretly wishing I had his job instead of mine. Exciting stuff. Events like this make me proud to be an engineer. Then again, events like this also remind me of the frustrations that I am having at work.

The battle of the IDEs

XCode versus Visual Studio versus Eclipse. Visual Studio is probably the fastest of the three, but that speed comes at a cost. There is a risk that the programmer will fail to understand what is going on under the hood. Eclipse is the most versatile, because there are plug-ins and simulators for just about every platform one would want to program on. XCode is the sexiest of the IDEs, but it is only for iOS development. If I were king, I would find a way to make XCode work with Android development, or make an Android IDE that worked as well as XCode. XCode is designed for Objective C. Androids are typically developed in Java. Visual Studio is designed for high school students and professional losers. In Visual Studio’s defense, there are plenty of programmers making a lot of money using that crap IDE.

Honey Badger don’t care ’bout anything

Honey Badger don’t care, but he is off the team for using heroin. My guess is that he will transfer to Tennessee State or North Alabama, where they may be willing to overlook a few drug problems to win some football games. 3 more weeks until college football starts.


Cultivation to the mind is as necessary as food to the body. — Cicero

Sexy Mango Roll, Love Sushi & Roll, Newhall, CA

The Sexy Mango Roll at Love Sushi & Roll was quite a treat. I am surprised at how good these gimmicky fusion rolls taste compared to more traditional sushi or quasi-traditional sushi rolls.

Philly cheese steak pizza, Philadelphia Cheese Steak, North Hollywood, CA

Californians apparently never leave the state, for they have no friggin’ clue how a Philly cheese steak is supposed to look or taste. The “Cali cheese steak” is amongst the worst food I have eaten in California, and that says a lot because California sucks at all foods except Asian ones (note the preponderance of sushi, Thai food, and Korean food). What baffles me is the fact that the owners of this restaurant were from Philly. Maybe this is a sign that living in Cali for any appreciable amount of time is bad for one’s health, sanity, and taste buds. Staying in this God-forsaken place longer than 4 years will probably render me brain dead, just like the natives here. Oh…back on topic…the food sucks here at Philadelphia California Cheese Steak. Do not waste your time.

Late Night Party Roll, Wokcano, Valencia, CA

Between the Sexy Mango Roll and the Late Night Party Roll, I had a great sushi week. Asian food is now the only thing that keeps me sane out here. I sampled some of the bulgogi as well, and that was awesome! I need to reiterate here that California sucks at non-Asian foods.


Programming today is a race between software engineers striving to build bigger and better idiot-proof programs, and the Universe trying to produce bigger and better idiots. So far, the Universe is winning. — Unknown

The Air Force is wrapping up its Air Force Network (AFNET) migration with my base. Needless to say, this migration is going without a hitch. It turns out that I am one of the few that was migrated to AFNET a long time ago, then un-migrated when I moved to a non-migrated base, and then re-migrated to a late-migrating base. AFNET now thinks I am still back in San Antonio.

(Cubicle) Engineering

To the optimist, the glass is half full. To the pessimist, the glass is half empty. To the engineer, the glass is twice as big 
as it needs to be. — Unknown.


Work sucks. ‘Nuff said. If I say anymore, I could get in trouble. At least I get to go TDY next week and do something important, but not to the place in the previous picture.


WTF is going on with taekwondo? Get it? The governing body of TKD is called “WTF”, the World Taekwondo Federation. Olympic taekwondo has been disappointingly boring compared to other international matches in between the Olympics. The referees are breaking up the match too often, the obvious points are not being counted, and the competitors are being a bit conservative.

Really quick primer on Olympic taekwondo: there are two competitors, one red (Hong), and one blue (Chung). The ref will have the competitors stand at attention (charyot), then bow (kyung nae) before he says “go” (shijak). Kicks are mandatory, punches are encouraged…not that anyone really throws punches. There is no holding, grabbing, punches to the head, kicks to the back, or strikes below the belt. Any of those will result in a warning. Multiple warnings result in points awarded to the opponent. What I do not understand is why the ref has been calling so many warnings in the Olympics. The good news is that each coach can challenge the score. The men’s 58-68 kg match between Turkey and Iran (see picture above) and 80+ kg match between Mali and Italy were pretty good. The women’s matches were not interesting at all.

The kids are getting better at their martial arts tricking. XMA Headquarters (5140 Lankershim Boulevard, North Hollywood, CA 91601) has helped them fix their fundamentals. Hugo’s Gym (21107 Centre Pointe Parkway, Santa Clarita, CA) looks promising, assuming we can get rid of the little kids running around.

Florida Gator football

21 days to Gator football! I have been counting down the top 100 Gators based on the following factors: Gator Ring of Honor, University of Florida Athletic Association Hall of Fame (Gator Great), All American, national awards (Heisman, Draddy, etc) All SEC, conference awards, and school awards. Ties went to members of national or conference championship teams. Mitigating factors were considered for all-time greats from  the beginning of Gator football in 1906 to the beginning of the modern epoch in 1980.

  • 20. All SEC, SEC Player of the Year, former walk-on quarterback Kerwin Bell (’84-’87)
  • 21. All-SEC linebacker Scot Brantley (’76-’79)
  • 22. All-American, 2X All-SEC defensive end Kevin Carter (’91-’94)
  • 23. 2X All-American, 3X All-SEC, 2001 SEC Defensive Player of the Year, defensive end Alex Brown (’98-’01)
  • 24. All-American, All-SEC defensive tackle Brad Culpepper (’88-’91)
  • 25. All-American, All-SEC defensive tackle Trace Armstrong (’88)
  • 26. All-American, 2X All-SEC defensive back Keiwan Ratliff (’00-’03)
  • 27. All-American, 2X All-SEC Huey Richardson (’87-’90)

Big Blue

I find your lack of faith in the Air Force disturbing.

General Mark Welsh III is now the 20th Chief of Staff of the Air Force. I found his choice of uniform interesting. Maybe we will be getting new service dress uniforms. In all seriousness, I hear he is rather approachable and likes to talk to the troops. He went to the Academy, and the Harvard business school.


Jeff Demps (University of Florida track and football) set a record with his leg of the 4 x 100 meter relay, but he was not selected to run in the finals. Boooo!


5 thoughts on “Week 15 of 213: What you have become, is the price you paid to get what you used to want

  1. Great blog as usual. I liked the IDE comparison. I’ve used Visual Studio a couple of times (for some C++) just because I wanted to get in and get out quickly without a lot of configuration nonsense. For whatever reason, I’ve done my Java work with NetBeans IDE instead of Eclipse — just got started working with it before the Oracle buy-out of Sun and never had the time/energy to try to switch. I’ll probably be using Eclipse this term, however, since my two classes both seem to prefer *nix in their projects and for reasons unknown even to me, I’ve always had Eclipse installed on my Linux system and not NetBeans. That may change if it takes too much thought process to figure out the differences. Doing a GUI under NetBeans is easy-peasy (event handling code is almost automatic), but I don’t know that they have an Android-tie in.

    Love the new service dress. I especially love that I will never have to buy/wear it. Welsh seems like he will make a good CSAF. The youtube video of his speech to the Academy cadets is excellent (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hFBpxB5zgnY).

    • Honestly, I always considered Netbeans and Eclipse to be one in the same. Back when I programmed in Java, if I downloaded one, I wound up downloading the other. I just assumed they were part of the same family.

      There is no official word on whether or that service dress will make it the field. It was supposed to have been in the field in 2008 to focus on the wars. As we draw down from IRQ and AFG, it may be time to spend money on frivolous things like uniforms again.

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