Week 8 of 213: Look at life through the windshield, not the rear view mirror [1]

Cubicle Warrior’s blog, Week 8 of 213 until AF retirement (?). It is hard to believe that it has been 8 weeks since I moved to LA. The past week in San Antonio and Little Rock with my San Antonio and ATA friends have been a bittersweet mix of joy and sadness… Today’s blog was quite cathartic. The past couple weeks have been an emotional roller coaster, and I needed a release. Here it is…for all three readers of my blog.

You never really leave a place or person you love. Part of them you take with you, leaving a part of yourself behind [2]. The pain of leaving so many good friends still has not worn off. I lived in San Antonio from 2006 to 2012, the longest I had lived anywhere on Earth. I will think of my friends fondly, and hope for a happy reunion. I carry with me all the positive impacts and happy memories from each of my friends, as I hope they do for me.

It is not the mountain that we conquer, but ourselves [3]. Rissa earned the title of World Champion in traditional forms for the 15-17 year old, 2nd/3rd degree black belt girls! She also finished 2nd in extreme forms and weapons and 4th in traditional weapons! The world champion title was the culmination of 11 years of training–4 years of top ten finishes in world rankings. On this day, her preparation, determination, and execution paid off. Congratulations, Rissa. Take your one day of rest and get back to work. ATA Strong! Victory Strong!

The ultimate victory in competition is derived from the inner satisfaction of knowing that you have done your best and that you have gotten the most out of what you had to give [4]. Team Victory Legacy finished 2nd in the world for demo team. It was a great run, winning back-to-back world championships in 2010 and 2011. The team members were a great family over the past three years, and I will miss them all terribly. The coach, Mr. Evan Turner, did an excellent job leading this goofy group of goobers. I was fortunate enough to meet his parents. I hope to see Mr. Turner and his parents again at ATA Fall Nationals.

The ultimate victory is that the team did its best, and that their good friends from Team Edge won. The picture below, taken by my friend, Roger, is a very appropriate way to say goodbye to an era…Team Victory Legacy…

The healthiest competition occurs when average people win by putting above average effort [5]. On the first day of the 2013 competition season, JR finished 3rd in sparring. Rissa finished 1st in traditional forms, 3rd in traditional weapons. JR’s sparring looked a lot better than it has in the past, and it looked as if he actually enjoyed it. That is a good start to the new season.

Those whom we support hold us up in life [6]. This was a bitterweet tournament week as we wrapped up the 2012 TKD season, closed one chapter of our lives in San Antonio, and prepared to open a new chapter out in Los Angeles. We were able to talk to several of our former instructors from Florida, say goodbye to some of the Texas area judges, and meet some of our potential new instructors for the upcoming season. Many of our good friends from San Antonio will say that our departure leaves a large void in their lives, and they will not only wonder why we left, but by we gave so much without expecting anything in return. We support the kids’ taekwondo endeavors, because they enjoy it. ATA has been the one constant in our lives since 2001, starting with Mr. Edelson’s ATA Black Belt Academy at Shaw Air Force Base, South Carolina, continuing in Pensacola, Florida with “drunken master”, and then Victory Martial Arts San Antonio.


  • I have been thinking of the wildfires in Colorado Springs. That area is so beautiful. I went running not far from the wildfire area just a couple weeks ago. I hope they manage to control the fire soon. I will probably be taking a lot of trips out there, and I would like to run on more trails and take in the beautiful scenery.
  • A battalion commander was killed at his own safety briefing at Fort Bragg. The Soldier that killed him immediately committed suicide. This is absolutely tragic.
  • The Air Force is investigating reports of military training instructors (MTIs) having inappropriate relationships with recruits, sometimes even raping them. The sad thing is is that most military members have heard these stories, but could never verify the veracity of the stories. Apparently many of the rumors and stories were true.
  • Today’s count: 1,407 days.

[1] Jim Hinkle

[2] Anonymous

[3] Sir Edmund Hillary

[4] Howard Cosell

[5] Colin Powell

[6] Baroness Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach


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