UFC 145 – Jones vs. Evans

Cubicle Warrior picks: Jones, MacDonald, Rothwell, McDonald, Hominick, and Bocek.

Rashad Evans (17-1-1) vs. Jon “Bones” Jones (15-1)
This should be FOTN. Both LHW fighters were friends who trained together at one time, but Bones has been evolving more than Sugar. Edge: Bones. Physically, Bones is faster and taller than Sugar. Sugar has weathered some tough fights and has beaten built heavily favored fighters, so do not discount the veteran. If Bones can explode on Sugar, it will be lights out. If Sugar can draw the fight out, it could go to decision in his favor. Cubicle Warrior pick: Jon “Bones” Jones by TKO. I want an explosive fight, so it follows that I want Bones to win, no disrespect to Sugar.

Rory MacDonald (12-1) vs. Che Mills (14-4)
Rory is a well rounded fighter and  traditional boxer. Mills has raw speed and dangerous striking ability, but has four losses due to lack of patience.  I will pick the patient, well rounded fighter over the explosive striker in this case. Cubicle Warrior pick: MacDonald by decision.

Brendan Schaub (9-2) vs. Ben Rothwell (31-8)
This heavyweight fight should come down Rothwell’s takedowns. If Schaub can avoid them and pound Rothwell in the face, he wins. If not, he notches his 9th win. Schaub never really impressed me. Cubicle Warrior pick: Rothwell by decision.

Miguel Angel Torres (39-4) vs. Michael McDonald (14-1)
Both fighters possess knockout power, but McDonald can adapt to various fighters. Torres has some disappointing fights since the transition from WEC to UFC, and has been exposed. I hate to pick against one of my favorites, but I have to go with the upstart McDonald in this one.

Mark “the Machine” Hominick (20-10) vs. Eddie “the Filipino Phenom” Yagin (15-5-1)
I love watching the machine-like aggression and tenacity from Hominick, but I like watching Yagin’s submissions as well. Hominick is crafty enough to evade Yagin’s guillotine. Cubicle Warrior pick: Hominick by decision.

John Alessio vs. Mark Bocek
Bocek will wear down Alessio with takedowns and keep him on the defense the entire fight. Cubicle Warrior pick: Bocek.


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