Ranking the Florida Gator Rivalries

Six more months until SEC football. In this lull I have been thinking of the Florida Gators’ biggest rivalries. Personally, I root for both Florida and Florida State, so it is tough to rank the Noles as rivals. Here is my personal ranking of the biggest rivalries against the Florida Gators.

1. Georgia. This SEC East team is our first obstacle to winning the SEC and they share a recruiting base with us. They lead the all time rivalry 47 – 40 – 2. The fact that the Leg Humpers lead the series annoys me, and this team’s fans have annoyed me the most ever since I started watching football in the 1980s. I miss when this was advertised as the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party. This rival somehow manages to garner national attention, even when the teams are not ranked well. I think these teams will provide some heated rivalry games in the next few years, since Gator head coach Will Muschamp is a former Bulldog defensive back, and Georgia has been nationally relevant lately.

2. Alabama. Since the SEC championship game was created in 1992, the Tide have become the measuring stick of Florida’s success and this game has determined the national champion on multiple occasions. We just broke a stalemate in the SEC CG era record and are now 6 – 7 since 1992, 4 – 3 in SEC championship games, 3 – 2 in national title chases. I personally hate that Alabama snags NW Florida athletes, such as Trent Richardson. They often come close to snagging game changer athletes like Danny Wuerffel and Tim Tebow. Other than when the two teams play, I will follow the Tide. Good teams, good coaches, decent fans.

3. FSU. Florida is ahead in this rivalry 33 – 21 – 2, but is falling behind in the modern era. Obviously, this game has in state recruiting implications. This game does not have a bearing on winning the SEC East, so I rank this rival lower than most. As a kid, I was always torn between Florida and FSU. To this day, I root for both teams.

4. LSU. The Bengal Tigers have been our permanent SEC West rival since 1971. Florida leads the series 30 – 25 – 3. LSU has become a good measuring stick for our program, considering their recent success. The fans are usually fun to hang out with, even when we lose.

5. Tennessee. Florida leads 22 – 19, but we pulled ahead only when the Volunteers were weak. When this team gets strong again, I will rank them above FSU where they should be. As a kid, I hated when the Gators lost to UT.

6. Auburn. The Orange and Blue played the Blue and Orange every year from 1945 to 2002 and provided some great games. We are behind in this rivalry 38 – 42 – 2. Personally, I hate seeing NW Florida kids going to Auburn or Alabama, so I take personal interest in this rivalry.

7. Miami. Just because I hated them as a kid. They hold a 28 – 26 edge in the series. They challenge Florida in recruiting. They are a bunch of crack #####, New Jersey transplant thugs. I just want a hurricane to wipe Coral Gables off the map, but only after we pull ahead in the series. The fans tend to be ornery, cantankerous idiots, with 99% having never been associated with the university physically, virtually, or otherwise. Most do not even attend games, which is why the stadium is usually empty.

Is it football season yet?

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