Cubicle Warrior’s 2011 Year in Review

2011. What a turbulent year for America. The Cubicle Warrior, aka Aerospace Cubicle Engineer (ACE) had a great year, with the highlight of my year being graduation (cum laude) with a Master of Science in Information Assurance. For the kids, the highlight was all the great times with the Victory San Antonio Competition Team. Sadly, this is our last year (for now) in San Antonio. Be sure to also check out my video of 2011 highlights. One final note: remember the 1,863 American servicemen that died this year and will not be ringing in the new year with their loved ones. RIP.
  • January 1 – The Kilar family kicks off the new year by hanging out downtown on the San Antonio Paseo del Rio, and by celebrating with the taekwondo team, Victory Team Legacy.
  • January 1 – The Florida Gators manage to not lose against the Penn State Nittany Lions in the Outback Bowl in what will become Joe Paterno‘s final bowl game, 37-24. Goodbye, Urban Meyer.
  • January 6 – Defense Secretary Robert Gates cuts the DoD budget by $78B. All ****ing year, we are told to “do more with less”, or “do less with less”. Of course, while I am reducing my travel budget and funding for my programs, some ****ers elsewhere in DoD are still getting 55″ plasma televisions, piece of *** acquisition programs are still continuing (thank goodness one of them was finally killed six months later), and we are being told that the funding we cut will go to social welfare programs. Hope and Change (TM). **** you, commies!
  • January 8 – Rep. Gabrielle Giffords is shot by a madman. Did you SEE that dude’s picture? He LOOKS like a ****ing madman! This is one case where stereotyping is good, and being PC is bad. That ****er looks like he should have been aborted a long time ago (this comes from a pro-life guy).
  • January 13-15 – American Taekwondo Association (ATA) Black Belt Nationals, Dallas Texas. Victory Team Legacy earns first place. We had a great time hanging out with the San Antonio Competition Team in Dallas and at the San Marcos Outlet Shopping Center. Rissa placed 1st in extreme forms, 2nd in forms, 3rd in extreme forms.
  • January 25 – Some ***hole gets on TV and addresses the nation, spreading some lies about his plans to save America. If you believed any of his crap, I suggest you immediately stop reading this blog. Idiots. You are allowed to have an opinion, no matter how WRONG you are. ****ers.
  • February 6 – The Green Bay Packers shut up those annoying Pittsburgh Steelers fans in Super Bowl XLV, 31-25. I realize that a lot of my friends are Steelers fans. Unfortunately, more of my co-workers are Steelers fans, and my hatred of those co-workers far exceeds my love of friends that “see” on Facebook on occasion. Sorry (if you know me, you know that I really do not mean “sorry”, but you get the drift).
  • February 12 – Lafayette ATA Tournament. JR earns first place in extreme weapons, and Rissa earns 1st in forms, extreme forms, extreme weapons; 2nd in weapons, and 3rd in sparring.
  • February 16 – Borders announces that all of its stores will be closing. One less place for me to study for my Master of Science in Information Assurance classes.
  • February 26 – Humble, Texas ATA Tournament. Rissa placed 1st in all competition categories.
  • March 11 – What nuclear disaster? There is nothing to see here… Look! It’s Godzilla!
  • March 17 – Bon Jovi comes to San Antonio’s AT&T Center! Awesome concert!
  • April 1 – The government averts a shutdown. I was actually looking forward to curtailing the civil servants and working with just military folks. The commander had named me his chief in case we had to execute Order 66. By “Order 66” I mean, “get some work done correctly…by the book”. ****ers.
  • April 6 – Kenzie Mills’ retro prom birthday party!
  • April 16 – Rissa placed 2nd in all categories at the North Richland Hills ATA Tournament. JR placed 3rd in extreme weapons.
  • April 23 – Rissa placed 2nd in all categories at the Little Rock ATA Tournament. JR placed 3rd in extreme weapons.
  • April 30 – Rissa placed 1st in forms and weapons, 2nd in extreme forms and extreme weapons, and 3rd in sparring. JR placed 3rd in extreme weapons at the Denham Springs ATA Tournament.
  • May 2 – Osama Bin Laden is killed by Navy SEAL Team 6. In a related note, some Air Force dude is playing MW3 and flying a Predator drone simultaneously. I love the Air Force…one some days. Today belongs to the Navy, or at least, the only cool part of the Navy.
  • May 5 – Michelle Arca visits the Alamo City. Walter awaits orders to Chantilly, Virginia (note that these orders were cancelled in July).
  • May 30-31 – The Inaugural Legacy Gathering. Tricksters from all around the country converged on San Antonio to for tricking competition and training.
  • June 12-18 – Residency Week and Graduation at Norwich University, Northfield, Vermont. I earned my Master of Science in Information Assurance while graduating cum laude. Note: the weather in Vermont was terrible. I did have a great time with my classmates, despite not having a rental car, having to stand on the Greyhound bus for 3 hours, missing dinner, and not having heat or air in the dorms. I did run into an old high school classmate.
  • June 25 – Victory Team Legacy successfully defended its title as the ATA Demo Team World Champion at ATA World Championships in Little Rock, Arkansas. Rissa finished 2nd in the world in traditional forms for the 2010-2011 season, and then started off the 2011-2012 by placing 1st in traditional forms, 2nd in weapons, and extreme weapons, and 3rd in extreme forms.
  • July 5 – Uncle Larry and family visit us in San Antonio. I miss that guy.
  • July 21 – The end of the NASA Space Transportation System.
  • August 6 – JR placed 3rd in extreme weapons and Rissa placed 3rd in all categories at the Allen, Texas ATA Tournament.
  • September 1-4 – The Victory San Antonio Competition Team gathered together in a 15 pax van and spent Labor Day weekend in Panama City Beach. Rissa placed 1st in forms, extreme forms, and extreme weapons, 3rd in sparring. JR placed 3rd in extreme weapons. That was a fun weekend at the beach.
  • September 20 – The end of DADT.
  • September 23 – The competition team drove the 15 pax van to Mesquite, Texas. Rissa placed 1st in forms and extreme forms, 2nd in extreme weapons, 3rd in weapons.
  • September 30 – Remember that Air Force dude playing MW3 and flying drones while SEALs were killing Bin Laden? Apparently Air Force dudes are warriors too…sometimes. American Al Qaeda cleric Andwar Al-Awlaki is killed by a drone.
  • October 17 – Rissa’s Sweet 16 surprise party. Hehehe. She got out-ninja’d by her friends and family. A great time was had by all.
  • October 20 – Muammar Gadhafi is killed by revolutionaries…or a Yankees fan. Believe whichever story you want, but refuse to give credit to any Yankees fan for anything.
  • October 22-23 – Rissa earns 1st place in forms and weapons, 2nd in extreme forms and sparring, and 3rd place in extreme weapons at the ATA Fall Nationals Tournament in Orlando, Florida. JR earns 3rd in extreme weapons. Victory Team Legacy performs an exhibition at the inaugural ATA Invitationals. The kids inadvertently started a flash mob when they started tricking downtown.
  • November 5 – JR earned 1st place in extreme weapons, Rissa earned 1st in forms, 2nd in everything else at the Baton Rouge ATA Tournament.
  • November 11 – Happy Veterans Day! The Victory Competition Team drove the vibrating van to Dallas, Texas, where Rissa placed 1st in all categories and JR placed 3rd in extreme weapons.
  • December 9 – “The Great Flood of 2011” occurs at work.
  • December 10 – The 6th annual Victory San Antonio Winter Gala. This would have been a lot more enjoyable if it were not for the Great Flood of 2011 the day before.
  • December 15 – The American flag is lowered over Iraq, marking the end of the Iraqi Campaign that began on March 20, 2003. The campaign cost us 4,487 American servicemen, 10 MIA (1 rescue), and 32,226 wounded at a pricetag of $3T. Was it worth it? I will save that for another blog entry.
  • December 17-26 – Mom and Dad visit us in this house for the last time. We had a great time with Mom’s friends and visiting the National Museum of the Pacific in Fredericksburg, Texas.
  • December 18 – Kim Jong Il dies while singing karaoke. I would die too if I had to listen to his singing.
  • December 26 – Rachel and I attended our very first San Antonio Spurs game. Thanks, Josh and Nelly, for inviting us!

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