Cubicle Warrior’s Review of Twilight Breaking Dawn

Toilet: Breaking Wind – A story about an abusive boyfriend’s adventures in wrestling a girl from her friends, her family and her one prospective healthy love interest, as well as her burgeoning realisation that her man is a monster. The abusive boyfriend marries the girl and knocks her up soon after her 18th birthday. Soon after the deed, the monster contemplates aborting the baby. Idiot. Speaking of idiots, the girl stubbornly holds onto hope that she can change the abusive monster, and when she fails, she becomes one of them…after getting a makeover and a boob job. Meanwhile the healthy love interest has turned to the dark side and is literally robbing the cradle by falling in love with an infant. An infant! My rating, 1/5 stars. My IQ after watching this “movie”, 1.

Aerospace Cubicle Engineer
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